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Toxic and Combustible Gas Detection System Gives Stand-alone Control



Minneapolis, MN. The new Det-Tronics DMC Series gas and flame controller introduced by Detector Electronics provides continuous indication and alarm control of up to 36 programmable channels of toxic and/or combustible gas detection with full stand-alone functionality in a single weatherproof and corrosion resistant wall-mounted enclosure.


An integrated PLC offers custom logic programming and communication options including Modbus and Ethernet protocols, with password-protected front panel field configuration of sensor types, ranges and alarm output level using the onboard keypad and display.


Easy to install and commission, the system delivers exceptional cost-effective protection for a wide range of industrial applications and is available with an internal 24V dc power supply. It accepts 4-20 mA inputs from a wide variety of detector types and measurement ranges and can also monitor contact input devices such as optical flame detectors or smoke detectors.


Four versions accommodate 4, 12, 24 or 36 channels, each with selectable high and low level alarm setpoint levels that are automatically matched to the selected detector type and range. An optional flame detector channel designator is selectable.


As well as faceplate display, all alarm or fault events are time and date-stamped and stored in non-volatile memory to aid trouble-shooting. Standard common alarm logic is provided for fault conditions and horn and strobe outputs as well as high and low levels. A stacked input/output module design supports up to four I/O modules in a single unit.


The rugged NEMA 4X/IP66 fiberglass enclosure suits non-hazardous indoor or outdoor installation. It has a transparent cover that opens for easy access and a DIN rail-mounted terminal strip to accommodate all power, detector input and output field wiring connection.


Gas detection system





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