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Silicon MEMS Accelerometer for Implantable Medical Devices


Endevco Corporation has announced the introduction of its new model 40366 surface-mount accelerometer with capabilities that are ideal for implantable medical device applications. Endevco's 40366 adds to the company's arsenal of miniature sensing products which recently surpassed a milestone of four million parts delivered to leading medical device manufacturers with no field failures.


The Endevco model 40366 accelerometer is a variable capacitance, silicon MEMS device designed to meet the demanding requirements for use in implantable devices such as rate responsive heart pacemakers and defibrillators. High reliability, repeatability and a very small package size are key criteria for acceleration sensors in these critical quality-of-life medical applications.


Hermetically sealed with a shear bond strength of 1 kg, the model 40366 delivers repeatability of less than 0.035 pF in an SMT footprint of only 2.05 x 2.90 mm configured as a three-terminal half-bridge. Acceleration through the oblate axis causes one capacitor to increase in value as the other decreases, while air damping creates an inertial system that is over damped.


Additional features of the Endevco 40366 include frequency response of 40 Hz, linearity of less than 1%, transverse sensitivity of less than 1%, a +/-2g full scale for measurement of fractional-g accelerations in the presence of earth's gravity, and over-range stops with provisions to eliminate electrostatic sticking when the accelerometer is over ranged. The resultant design provides excellent stability, low hysteresis, and ruggedness


"With patient health and well-being in the balance, manufacturers of implantable medical devices demand the highest levels of performance, and reliability," said Jesse Bonfeld, Medical Market Segment Manager for Endevco. "Our new model 40366 is the latest addition to the Endevco family of miniature sensors for critical healthcare applications and is expected to carry on our tradition of excellence which allowed us to reach the landmark level of four million parts delivered to leading device makers with no field failures."

Endevco model 40366 accelerometer



Yeni Hoo

Marketing Communications Supervisor

Endevco Corporation, USA

Tel.: 949.493.8181 x242

E-mail: yeni.hoo@endevco.com



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