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Liquid Level Measuring System SMARTANK


Manufacturers of tanks and industrial machines often need to accurately measure liquid level, with high resolution, measuring the liquid level beneath the foam and without problems with fumes in the tank.


DS Europe, to satisfy these needs, is proposing the liquid level measuring system series SMARTANK that allows to measure the “mm” liquid level as well as the “liter” volume inside a tank.


Liquid level is measured by mod. PCS probe, with one or two floats, whose wet parts inserted in liquid are AISI316L stainless steel.


Mod. PCS is a magnetostrictive transducer that can measure from 0 to 3000 mm max level, it can measure 1 mm minimum level change (resolution) and It transmits the liquid level by means of analog or digital outputs (10 V, 4-20 mA, RS 485, RS 422, CAN Open, PWM).


Mod. PCS probe is  connected to MLPS digital electronics with LEDs display, with 2 alarm levels (minimum level and anti overflow), it is to be fed 220 Vac power supply and it is programmed and calibrated with FASTSET software utility from customer’s laptop.


Mod. PCS probe can also be directly connected to customer’s electronics (PLC, PC, DAQ etc.).


Environment protection is IP65 and PCS wet parts can withstand also up to 20 bar and cleaning cycles.


Smartank system, because of its high accuracy and resolution can be used in: food processing machines (dairy milk tanks, bottling machines, pharmaceutical machines, hydraulic machines (oil level measurements against machine stops due to lack of oil and leackages avoidance), automation machines, diesel fuel stations, research applications etc.

Liquid Level Measuring System



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