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New RS485 Mini-Signal Conditioning Board Provides Cost-Effective Solution for Control Systems and Tilt Sensors



The Fredericks Company, a leading ISO9001:2008 registered manufacturer of electrolytic tilt sensing and inclinometer products, has announced availability of the RS-485, the newest addition to their Mini-Signal Conditioning Board Series.


Specifically designed as a cost-effective solution that can be integrated into larger control systems or used to evaluate Fredericks' comprehensive line of tilt sensors, the RS-485 signal conditioner is a production-ready, microprocessor-based printed circuit board capable of driving one or two Fredericks electrolytic tilt sensors.


The stand-alone board with RS-485 communications capability is Part # 1-6200-008, but it can also be provided with a built-in wide range dual axis TrueTILTT sensor for +/- 60 degree measurement range Part # 0729-1754-99. It can also be operated with up to two external sensors to meet specific resolution, axis, and measurement range requirements.


Each version includes a built-in temperature sensor, power voltage of 3 to 5 VDC (regulated), power supply current 9 mA @ 5 VOC or 3 mA @ 3.3 VDC, and RS-485 output of 16 bit in ACSII. Other mini-signal conditioning boards available in the series include SPI, Analog/PWM, and RS232.










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