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Core Sensor Offers Three-Wire Option to Seal Out Wet Environments


CARY, N.C (October 17, 2006) — MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Division has enhanced its C-Series Core Sensor by adding a three-wire option that provides manufacturers with additional design alternatives in wet environments.  Standard C-Series sensors include a connector in the electronics housing to attach a mating-connector equipped cable.  In a wet environment, cables can wick water or other liquids down the inside of the cable jacket if a more expensive sealed cable is not used or the other end of the cable jacket is exposed. MTS Sensors offers an alternative to high-cost sealed cables by replacing the connector and cover with three discrete wires that allow sealing against the wire insulation instead of a cable jacket.  A simple grommet can then be used to provide tight water sealing.


“The Core sensor was designed as a low-cost, high-performance linear position sensor that could be used in a variety of applications,” said Jesse Russell, commercial products marketing manager for MTS.  “The three-wire design replicates a proven method of sealing from the automotive and marine industries.”


Designed as the world’s smallest magnetostrictive linear position sensor, the C-Series is built upon a base Core sensor, to which application-specific moderations can be added. The three-wire option increases the functionality of the C-Series by enabling it to be used as an embedded, and therefore lower cost, alternative to sensors with connectors in liquid or vapor laden environments such as medical devices, small cutting/fastening/forming tools, and various consumer outdoor-use products.


The C-Series Core sensor has a 0V to 5Vdc or PWM output available, and can be powered with a standard 5V power supply. In addition, the modular architecture allows the addition of a second electronics board that configures the sensor to operate using 12V power and also adds additional protection circuitry for higher EMI immunity. The optional board was designed to optimize the C-Series sensor performance in many mobile machine applications, including agricultural, marine and construction equipment.

C-Series Core Sensors




Jesse Russell,

MTS Commercial Products Marketing Manager

Tel.: 919-677-0100


E-mail: jesse.russell@mts.com



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