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Wireless and Wired Load Indicators for Innovative Capacitive Load Sensors


Loadstar Sensors Inc. of Mountain View has launched a new line of load indicators that are designed to work seamlessly with its patent-protected capacitive sensors. The products launched include the DS-2100 and the DS-2100 WiFi displays.


These products provide several key features that make it easy for users to build a load measurement system:

  • Accepts input from up to four CS Series load sensors

  • Digitizes analog signals using 21 bit ADCs

  • Automatically sums loads from all connected sensors

  • Lets users "tare" values from a set pre-load

  • Linearizes calibration curves for ease of use

  • Displays calibrated loads in pounds in increments of 0.1 lb up to 999.9 lbs.

  • Displays loads on bright red LED display

  • Allows operation using 9V DC power supply or a 9V battery

  • Allows connectivity to PC using wired (RS-232) and wireless

  • (802.11b) interfaces

  • Easy to use ASCII command set and data output

  • Outputs raw data in decimal format

"The DS-2100 makes it easy to measure and display loads and output data directly to a personal computer's serial port. For users who prefer wireless connectivity we offer the DS-2100 WiFi version that uses a virtual serial port to provide the same easy ASCII command set and data output format" says Div Harish, Co-founder & CEO of Loadstar Sensors Inc. "Users do not need to struggle with data formatted in binary or hexadecimal systems to input data into common PLCs" added Div Harish.


The DS Series of displays work seamlessly with Loadstar's LoadVUE software. LoadVUE is a Microsoft WindowsXP based application that connects with the DS-2100 and DS-2100 WiFi to enable a user to perform calibration on up to four attached sensors, display individual and total loads on screen and log to a data file.


The DS-2100 display is listed at only $245, the DS-2100 WiFi display is priced at $399, and the LoadVUE software is priced at $195 in single quantities. Please contact us for OEM and volume pricing.

Load indicator DS-2100 WiFi




Div Harish

Loadstar Sensors, Inc.

453 Ravendale Drive, Suite F

Mountain View, CA 94043, USA

Tel.: 1-650-938-4282, fax: 1-650-938-4285

E-mail: div@loadstarsensors.com



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