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Robust, Miniature and Cost-Effective MEMS-Based Triaxial Accelerometer



The new CTA303 Series of Triaxial Accelerometers from Celsum Technologies uses state-of-the-art semi-conductor precision strain gauges manufactured using MEMS (Micro-Electronic Manufacturing Systems) technology to provide a robust, miniature and cost-effective range of sensors which have applications ranging from aerospace through to racing cars and industrial plant.


CTA303 Triaxial Accelerometers are packaged in an IP65-sealed anodised aluminium housing only 30 mm x 30 mm x 25 mm in size, with integral fixing holes, and weigh less than 30 grammes (without the cable).


Ranges are available from 2 g full scale to 200 g, with an over-range capability of a massive 4,000 g. They may be powered from either 5 V or 8 to 16V DC, and the output is 2 V with a zero offset of 2.5 V. The resonant frequency is 5kHz, and the maximum bandwidthm depending on the full scale range selected, ranges from 1500 Hz to 400 Hz.


The operating temperature range is from -55 to 125C, and the compensated temperature range is -20 to +70C. Said Celsum's Managing Director, Roy Carter, "The CTA303 Series is a welcome addition to our range of miniature sensors and conditioning instrumentation. They have a wide range of applications across the whole spectrum of industries, and from research and development to processing plant and incorporation into manufactured products."






Roy E. Carter


Celsum Technologies Ltd.

The Innovation Centre,

De Montfort University

49 Oxford Street, Leicester LE1 5XY, UK

Tel: +44-(0)116 207 8807

Fax: +44-(0)870 120 9370

E-mail: roy@celsum.com

CTA303 Series of Triaxial Accelerometers




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