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Geomagnetic Sensor with Tilt Compensation Function


Düsseldorf, Germany – ALPS ELECTRIC EUROPA GmbH has developed the HSCD Series Geomagnetic Sensor for use in portable devices such as mobile phones and wristwatches.


More and more of the latest models of mobile phones are being equipped with such functions as GPS location indicators and navigation systems. Mobile phones with these functions make navigation easy because in contrast to ordinary maps that use “north” as a point of reference, these systems use the direction the user is facing as the point of reference. In order to provide this function, these devices require a geomagnetic sensor to detect the direction in which users are moving.


Mobile phones are not usually held parallel to the earth during usage, but rather slightly tilted upward. Consequently, there is demand for devices that are able to compensate for this tilt, in order to accurately indicate a user's location while maintaining ease of use.


Alps Electric's new HSCD Series features a tilt compensation function and meets the industry standard for small and thin sensors (2.5mm wide x 2.5mm deep x 0.7mm high). Alps Electric achieved this small size and thin by applying its unique high-precision, high-density mounting technologies.


Furthermore, a highly reliable magnetic element that realizes higher sensitivity detection than other magnetic elements has been integrated in a three-axes-type direction detector for forward / backward, left / right and vertical directions. Consequently, the HSCD Series can precisely read extremely weak magnetic fields, or geomagnetism, to accurately detect direction.


Alps Electric applied its unique algorithms to realize a tilt compensation function. The application of these algorithms also cut down on the need for parts and packaging for the tilt compensation function and for acceleration sensors, enabling a compact size and reduced number of parts. As a result, Alps Electric is able to offer a low-priced geomagnetic sensor.


In addition, on-the-go portable devices including mobile phones that use rechargeable or dry cell batteries have only a limited supply of power, so in order to reduce the amount of power used, the HSCD Series Geomagnetic Sensor has been designed to realize low current consumption by optimizing digital and other circuitry.





For use in mobile phones, wristwatches, PDAs and other portable devices.

Geomagnetic sensor HSCD series




Development of a geomagnetic sensor featuring a tilt compensation function and industry-standard compactness:


1. Realizes the industry standard for small and thin geomagnetic sensors equipped with a tilt compensation function

2. Integration of a highly reliable magnetic element enables accurate detection of geomagnetism

3. Alps Electric's unique algorithms enable a tilt compensation function and contribute to making a compact size and lowering costs

4. Achieves low current consumption by optimizing digital and other circuitry.



Ulrich Kuhs


Duesseldorf, Germany

Tel.: +49 (0)211/ 59 77-170/ -250

Fax: +49 (0)211/ 59 77-146

E-mail: presse@alps.de



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