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Differential Hall Switch for Position Sensing: One-chip Solution for Gear and Pole Wheel Scanning



iC-MZ is an integrated device consisting of a differential Hall switch with back-end complementary line drivers. The two integrated Hall sensors are set 2 mm apart and sense the difference in magnetic field. Magnetic DC fields are not evaluated; this means that besides the direct scanning of magnetic pole wheels with an additional bias magnet ferromagnetic gear wheels can also be detected. The magnetic input frequencies range from DC to 40 kHz. Magnetic DC fields of up to 500 mT are tolerated.


A magnetic difference in signal of 5 mT is sufficient to switch the outputs. The output drivers are RS422-compatible. Their output characteristics are adapted to the characteristic impedance of long lines in order to minimize reflections at the end of the line. With a supply voltage of 24 V a driver current of at least 200 mA can be supplied. The supply voltage ranges from 5 to 36 V.


The device, available in a tiny 4 x 4 mm DFN10 package, has an integrated shutdown facility in the event of over temperature and undervoltage and a test mode which permits the two-channel line driver to be directly triggered while bypassing the Hall sensors. The analog differential Hall signal is also separately available for diagnostic and adjustment purposes.


iC-MZ is typically used in an industrial temperature range of -40 to +125 C as a gear and pole wheel sensor and for magnetic incremental encoders based on these; the device can also be used as a proximity and limit switch.





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Differential Hall switch iC-MZ




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