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Handy Cylinder Pressure Meter for Engine Diagnostics



The new engine peak meter Type 2516A10 from Kistler is a user-friendly instrument for measuring cylinder pressure. It is ready for immediate use without set up on the engine. This battery powered meter provides important measurement data for engine diagnostics directly at the point of use. It measures the peak pressure and calculates the pressure curve from an adjustable number of pressure cycles (pressure/time). The numerical measurement data is shown instantly after measurement on the large LCD display. Changes in both the peak pressure and the overall variation in pressure can be detected and recorded with the in-cluded software. It is also possible to compare pressure curves and peak pressure values with earlier measurements.


The well proven piezoelectric pressure sensor Type 7613C is used for measuring the pres-sure at the indicator valve. This robust sensor is characterized by its high degree of accuracy and long-term stability, and can be readily used on the indicator valve, even at high tem-peratures.


The meter is suitable for all piston engines with speeds from 25 ... 4 000 r/min. It has an analog output that allows continuous recording of the variation in cylinder pressure and displaying of the instantaneous value of the peak pressure.



Measuring functions:

  • Pmax maximum peak pressure

  • Pmin minimum peak pressure

  • Pav average peak pressure

  • Sdev standard deviation of the peak pressure

  • dp/ca maximum gradient of the pressure trace

  • r/min speed

  • Ppeak instantaneous peak pressure of continuous measuring function





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Cylinder pressure meter




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