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Technology Assistance BCNA 2010, S. L. has been Nominated for Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award in the Sensors Market



24 October 2011, Barcelona, Spain - Technology Assistance BCNA 2010 S. L., a start-up company has been nominated for the Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award in the sensors market for the strategic product development of its novel Universal Sensors and Transducers Interface (USTI) integrated circuit.


Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards recognize companies in a variety of regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as Entrepreneurship, leadership, Mergers and acquisitions, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analysis, and extensive secondary research in order to identify best practices in the industry.


Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards identify exemplary achievements within a multitude of industries and functional disciplines. The analysis on best practices that conducted identifies companies, products, processes, and executives that have achieved world-class performances. This research is an invaluable source to companies for new ideas to improve strategies and processes, which ultimately drive corporate growth.


Since 2010 the Technology Assistance BCNA 2010 S. L. has introduced on the market several ground breaking, novel microelectronics components such as the Series of the Universal Frequency-to-Digital Converter (UFDC) and Universal Sensors & Transducers Interface (USTI) integrated circuits (ICs). These ICs can be used for any quasi-digital sensors and transducers with frequency, period, duty-cycle, time interval, PWM, phase-shift and pulse number output to build various digital sensor systems, including intelligent and smart sensors with self-adaptation and self-identification functions. All ICs are based on four advanced patented methods for frequency-time measurements and have a numerous applications including, but no limited, digital and smart sensors and systems for physical, chemical, electrical and non-electrical quantities, measuring instruments (tachometers and tachometric systems, frequency counters, multimeters), data acquisition systems, semiconductor and automobile industries, avionics etc.


All series of ICs significantly reduce design and time-to-market of various sensor systems and improve it metrological performances and extend functionality. It also available as royalty based IPs for the use as a library cells in various microelectronics designs and CAD tools.


“These new microelectronics components is a reply to technology driven market challenges. To simplify a digital circuits design for CMOS technological processes below 100 nm and eliminate all existing and coming problems for analog and mixed ICs design at nanoscale miniaturization we must change an analog signal domain (voltage or current sensors’ outputs) to quasi-digital signal domain (frequency-time sensors’ outputs) and use purely digital components such as frequency-to-digital and voltage-to-frequency converters instead of traditional analog and mixed ICs such as analog-to-digital converters, filters, operational amplifiers, etc. Such novel components have been introduced on marked by our company to satisfy modern technology driven requirements”, said Dr. Sergey Y. Yurish, co-founder and R&D Director of Technology Assistance BCNA 2010.


“The UFDC or USTI ICs are filling a real need in the market. It is do-called ‘need to have’ components, which engineers must use for quasi-digital sensors similar to ADC for analog sensors. According to International Frequency Sensor Association (IFSA) study 2010, the quasi-digital sensors have 15 % of the global sensor market and growing steady because of many digital sensors can be made easy based on such quasi-digital sensors, instead of analog one. All is true also for ASIC and system-on-chip design”– added Dr. Yurish.



About Technology Assistance BCNA 2010, S.L.


Technology Assistance BCNA 2010, S.L. (TAB) is a spin-off small-medium enterprise, founded in 2010 in Barcelona, Spain after very success European Project ‘Smart Sensors Systems Design’ (MEXT-CT-2005-023991 SMARTSES) in the frame of Marie Curie Chairs Excellence (EXC) programme with the aim to design, develop and promote new measuring and sensing technologies, based on novel, advanced methods of measurements of frequency-time parameters of signals. The TAB is the first manufacturer of electronic components in Spain. In 2010 the company has got the Best Sensors Products Award 2010. Main products, which are currently introduced to sensors market is a Series of Universal Sensors and Transducers Interface, a Series of Universal Frequency-to-Digital Converter (UFDC-1 and UFDC-1M-16) integrated circuits, Evaluation Board EVAL UFDC-1/UFDC-1M-16 and various smart, intelligent sensor systems on its basis.


One of the main objectives of TAB is to reduce existing gap between research and industry by introducing a new generation of cost effective smart sensing technology and to establish our digital measuring technology and it's advantages as alternative to common analogue measuring principles to enter the large application potential in sensor technology.


Developed technologies and electronics components give a unique opportunity to create and produce various digital sensors, multisensor systems and robust sensor systems with high metrological performances and wide functionalities including such intelligent functions as self-adaptation and self-identification. It is a basis for a new technological platform for smart sensor systems integration.


The TAB is dedicated not only to continuous enhancement of the existing product range, but also to responding to customer demands and suggestions with a high degree of flexibility and openness. This ensures that all solutions are custom tailored and represent the state-of-the-art in ultra-precise measurement technology for frequency-time parameters of signals.


For further information about all product range and orders please visit: http://www.techassist2010.com or e-mail to info@techassist2010.com


Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award 2011


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Emerging MEMS Report 2010

Technical and Sales Contact:


Mr. Javier Cañete

Technology Assistance BCNA 2010 S. L.

C/Riera de Tena local, nº9 local 4

08014 Barcelona, Spain

Tel.: +34 680 282 682

E-mail: info@techassist2010.com

Web: http://www.techassist2010.com








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