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Flow Sensor for Process Technology


For the employment in process technology the latest SCHMIDT® flow sensor SS 20.260 offers three crucial upgrades compared to his forerunner. With an expanded measuring range of 0 … 50 m/s the sensor can be applied for flow rate control in a wide range of systems.


Many processes require the measurement of heated gases and therefore an enhanced operating temperature. De-pending on the configuration of the SS 20.260 it is up to 120 °C. The temperature can be meas-ured with an additional linear output and no separate sensor is required any more. The unit is ro-bust due to a chamber in which the sensing element is protected against impacts. The stainless steel sensor tube is available in different length and thus can be placed at the correct position re-gardless of the size of the duct.


Two LED’s indicate the correct operation or inform about wrong supply voltage or sensor defects. Applications: Flow measuring in air ducts, volume flow measur-ing in test benches, control of combustion air of oil, wood, gas or coal burners, flow control in cool-ing or drying constructions. Main technical data: Immersion sensor with integrated transducer. Use of sensor: Free air and guided air in ducts from 25 to 1.000 mm (1 to 40 inch). Medium: Air, Nitro-gen, Argon and other non-burnable gases. Measuring ranges:0 … 2.5/10/20/40/50 m/s. Pressure: Atmospheric. Power supply: 24 VDC / power consumption only 30 mA. Output: 0 … 10 V / (0)4 … 20 mA linear. Functional display: 2 Status LED’s.





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Flow sensor SS 20.260




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