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Product Description


The measuring of humidity is difficult. Generally the humidity in air is measured as the fraction of the maximum amount of water that can be absorbed at a certain temperature. In air, at a given temperature, this fraction can vary between 0 (absolute dry) and 100 (the point where condensation will begin to form). Many classical sensing techniques, such as mechanical devices and resistive type sensors, are temperature dependent and the wet bulb thermometer is pressure dependent. With the SMARTEC Humidity sensor the RH can be measured without the complicating factor of temperature and pressure.


The Smartec humidity sensor is a two terminal capacitor, which increases in value as water molecules are absorbed into its active polymer dielectric. The capacitor plates consist of a base plate and a water permeable platinum top plate. The sensor will be delivered with gold-plated lead wires attached. Besides the active dielectric, polymers give protection to the base plate, prevent polarisation and pinholing and generally ruggedise the sensor so that it can be used in a wide range of hostile environments.





Typical Applications


Air conditioners, climate control for green houses, storage and warehouses, meteorological applications, food processing, room comfort control, medical applications.



Datasheets, Application Notes and Price List


DSSMTHS10.PDF: Smartec humidity sensor, June 1999

APPHS1001.PDF: Application circuit for Humidity sensor SMTHS 10, DC output

APPHS1002.PDF: Calibration of Humidity Sensors

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