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Product Description


The multiplexer MUXC01 is especially designed for use in combination with the Smartec Universal Transducer Interface (UTI). The combination of the UTI and the MUXC01 makes it possible to measure multiple capacitances with a very low capacitance value and a very high accuracy (15 bits).


By cascading the multiplexers it is easy to extend to the quantity of capacitors needed. Each multiplexer contains a 9 bits shift register and can handle 9 capacitors. Because the capacitance measurement is based on charge transport, special attention is given to the outputs of the circuit. By means of the design the multiplexer has an output impedance of less then 20 Om and also the rail-to-rail output voltage is well defined. These requirements make the combination of the UTI and the multiplexer the best solution to multiple capacitance measurement. The device is available in DIL, SOIC or as bare die.


In the exactly same way as the unknown sensor signal is measured, both a reference signal and a internal (constant) offset are measured during two additional phases. Continuous auto-calibration of offset and gain of the complete system is then achieved by processing these values (time signals) by microcontroller software. The output signal of the UTI is very simple and has discrete amplitude (VDD), so it is compatible with any type microcontroller.



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DSMUX01: Smartec Multiplexer for Capacitive Sensors (MUXC01)

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