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SMT160-30 temperature sensor

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TO92 4.83 3.86 3.09 2.58

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TO18 6.84 5.47 4.38 3.65
TO220 5.80 4.63 3.70 3.09

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SOIC 5.80 4.63 3.70 3.09
HE 9.48 7.58 6.07 5.06



Product Description


The SMT160-30 is a three terminal integrated temperature sensor with a duty-cycle output. Two terminals are used for the power supply of 5 V and the third terminal carries the output signal. A duty cycle modulated output is used because this output is interpretable by a microprocessor without A-D converter, while the analogue information is still available. The SMT160-30 (TO18 model) has an overall accuracy of 0.7 C in the range from -30 C to +100 C and an accuracy of 1.2 C from -45 to +130 C. This makes the sensor especially useful in all applications where "human" (climate control, food processing etc.) conditions are to be controlled.


The CMOS output of the sensor can handle cable length up to 20 meters. This makes the SMT160-30 very useful in remote sensing and control applications. Smart temperature sensors are available in a number of encapsulations: TO18, TO92, TO220, SOIC-8L and others. The  temperature sensors are available as naked die as well. On request the sensors can also be built in a customer specified encapsulation.





Typical Applications


Heater systems, air conditioners, climatizing units, washing machines, home appliances, temperature compensation in intelligent systems, etc.



Datasheets, Application Notes and Price List


DSSMT16030.PDF: Technical specifications of the SMT160-30 (Smart temperature sensor November 2001)

APPSMT01.PDF: Measuring duty cycles with 51 type micros, including software flowchart and sampling considerations

PPSMT02.PDF: Measuring duty cycles with 68H micros. How to prevent synchronization problems

APPSMT03.PDF: TMP04 a second source for Smartec SMT160-30 T092

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