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Infrared Sensors SMTIR9901/02


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Product Description


The Smartec infrared sensor SMTIR9901 and SMTIR9902 are sophisticated full silicon infrared sensors and comprise of so called thermopiles. Thermopiles are based on the Seebeck effect, which is a long time standard for conventional thermocouples. The application of thin film technology allows the production of miniaturized and low cost sensor elements.


The sensors can be used in measuring the radiation temperature without any contact. For different radiation temperature ranges various filters are available. The sensor type SMTIR9902 contains a temperature sensor for measuring the temperature of the sensor itself. The temperature range of the sensor-element is between - 40 to + 100 C. The sensor is available in a standard TO-05 encapsulation and and is equipped with a 5.5 micrometer filter.





Typical Applications


Contactless measurement of surface temperatures or infrared radiation, temperature measurement on moving objects, continuous temperature control of industrial sites, thermal alarm systems, climate control, medical instruments, home appliances.



Datasheets, Application Notes and Price List


DSSMTIR990X.PDF: Smartec infrared sensor, June 2002

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