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Product Description


The Universal Sensors and Transducers Interface (USTI) is a fully digital CMOS integrated circuit of universal, 2-channel, high precision, multifunctional converter based on novel, patented, advanced methods for frequency, period, its ratio, duty-cycle, pulse width modulated and phase-shift measurements. It is perfectly suited to any applications where frequency-time parameters but also sensors output signal, have to be measured with highest resolution and programmable accuracy during the non redundant conversion time.


The USTI covers a wide range of frequencies and accuracies for modern quasi-digital sensors and transducers. In addition, the USTI provides interfacing for resistive (including platinum, cuprum resistors and thermistors), capacitive sensing elements and resistive bridges.


By using this IC it is possible to build a wide variety of digital, smart sensors and intelligent sensor systems. The device represents a high-resolution conversion and designed to support all range of frequency-time domain and digital sensor applications. It offers high performances with flexibility and requires minimum possible number of external components. The USTI can be easy included into digital environment, controlled by an external microcontroller (slave mode) or work independently as a separate measuring unit without an external control (master mode). The function selection can be configured in both software and hardware.


The IC converts frequency-time domain signals, resistance and capacitance of sensing elements and resistance of sensor bridges into digital and provides digital, bus interface to microcontroller, DAQ or sensor system to read these digital results. Sensing elements can be directly connected to the USTI without the need for extra electronics. Only a single reference element, of the same kind as the sensor, is required.


The USTI has 29 measuring and one generating modes. The measuring mode can be hardware-2 selected by using three selection external pins M0-M2 and the relative error by using three selection pins N0-N2 (RS232 master communication mode). The mode and accuracy can be also selected by using any of three possible interfaces (slave communication mode). A communication interface type (RS232, SPI or I2C) can be automatically selected according to the circuit connection.


The USTI can measure the following frequency-time parameters of signals and sensing elements:


  • Frequency, fx 0.05 Hz – 9 MHz directly and up to 144 MHz with prescaling

  • Period, TX 110 ns – 20 s

  • Phase shift, X 0 - 360ş at fxmax = 625 kHz and 50 % duty-cycle

  • Time interval between start – and stop-pulse, X 1.5 µs – 250 s

  • Duty-cycle, DC 0 – 1 at fxmax ≤ 625 kHz

  • Duty-off factor, Q1 10-8 – 8´106 at fxmax ≤ 625 kHz

  • Frequency difference, fX2 – fX2 with sign recognition, 0 – 9 MHz

  • Period difference, TX1 – TX2 with sign recognition, 0 – 20 s

  • Frequency ratio, fX1/fX2 5.5´10-9 – 1.8´108

  • Period ratio, TX1/TX2 4.0´10-9 – 2´108

  • Rotational speed, nX = (fX∙60)/Z, where Z is the number of encoder teeth

  • Pulse width, tP 1.5 µs – 250 s

  • Space interval, tS 1.5 µs – 250 s

  • Pulse number (events) counting, NX 0 – 4´109

  • Frequency deviation absolute DA1, 0-9 MHz

  • Frequency deviation relative DR1, 0-100 %

  • Resistance, Rx 10 Ohm to 10 MOhm with average relative error ±0.47 % and ±0.01 % error at splitting of the range into sub ranges

  • Capacitance, Cx 50 pF to 100 µF with average relative error ±0.036 % and ±0.7 % the worst case relative error

  • Resistive bridges, Bx must not include any internal components other than 4 arms forming a bridge

Universal Sensors and Transducers Interface (USTI) ICs


The USTI can also work with voltage and current output sensors. It this case, any voltage–to-frequency converter (VFC) can be used. The accuracy of such system will be determined by sensor accuracy as well as by VFC accuracy.





Custom Design


The custom design is available. The possibility additional functions include but not restricted by:

Most of necessary functions can be implemented on a single circuit and so to provide a system-on-chip solution. The device can also be supplied in wafer form. On the base of the USTI we also can develop complete solutions and additional modules to fit your applications. For more information please contact: info@sensorsportal.com


The USTI is also available as an IP for the use in microelectronic design at: Worldwide Component Library and Design & Reuse



Typical Applications:



Documentations and Software:


1. Universal Sensors and Transducers Interface (USTI). Data Sheet Acrobat Reader logo

2. Universal Sensors and Transducers Interface (USTI).Specification and Application Notes Acrobat Reader logo

3. Terminal V1.9B for Windows (Software)

4. Catalog of ICs (Product Overwiew and Price List) Acrobat Reader logo



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