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Universal Transducer Interface (UTI)

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Product Description


The Universal Transducer Interface (UTI) is a sensor-to-time signal converter, based on a period-modulated oscillator. Sensing elements can be directly connected to the UTI without the need for extra electronics to interface all different sensor type. The UTI can operate in 16 different modes. To obtain accurate results in any of the modes, one reference element of the same kind as the sensor is required. Note that this reference is already included in resistive bridges, so no external components are required in this mode. The UTI provides interfacing for:

In the exactly same way as the unknown sensor signal is measured, both a reference signal and a internal (constant) offset are measured during two additional phases. Continuous auto-calibration of offset and gain of the complete system is then achieved by processing these values (time signals) by microcontroller software. The output signal of the UTI is very simple and has discrete amplitude (VDD), so it is compatible with any type micro-controller.





Typical Applications


Typical 4 wire (PT100) measurement, multiplexing 3 resistors, the UTI interfacing in a capacity measurement (also multiplexing), resistance bridge measurement, bridge resistance measurement with temperature compensation, multiplexing 3 potentiometers, remote measurement systems.



Datasheets, Application Notes and Price List


DSUTI.PDF: Universal Transducer Interface May 1999

DSMUX01.PDF: Smart multiplexer for multiple capacitor measurement May 1999

APPUTI01.PDF: Humidity + Temperature measurement with UTI, RS232 output. Flowcharts with software algorithm

APPUTI02.PDF: A temperature measurement system for legal applications including software flow chart for PIC micro

APPUTI03.PDF: Fact sheet on possibilities of UTI

APPUTI04.PDF: Application note book on UTI (edition)

APPUTI05.PDF: Accurate measurement of DC Voltages with UTI; a concept with UTI in CMUX mode

APPUTI06.PDF: Quick start guide for measurement of capacitors with three signal technique

APPUTI07.PDF: Accurate measuring the phases of the output signal; with software flow chart for all types of micros

APPUTI08.PDF: Long distance sensors on UTI. Especially long cables PT100/1000 measurement

APPUTI09.PDF: How to connect 8 PT100 element to one UTI (concept)

APPUTI10.PDF: Measuring thermocouple voltage with UTI and analog multiplexer

APPUTI11.PDF: Pressure sensor interface for the UTI

UTIKITMAN.PDF:Manual for the UTI Evaluation board, Jan 2002

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