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Product Description


The UTI development kit is especially designed for quick setup and easy design. The small PC board can be connected directly to a PC via a COM port. All 16 modes of the UTI can be chosen remotely to demonstrate how easy it is to connect any type of sensor to the UTI. The UTI data can be read via a terminal program (Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Windows 2000) or processed by yourself using a simple program or script. We included a Labview program to get visualized results immediately. With this kit Smartec shows again that it is easy to replace hardware with software when using the UTI.



Manuals, Software and Price List


UTIKITMAN.PDF: Manual for the UTI Evaluation board, January 2002

UTIKITEVAL.ARJ: PC software, Labview executable

UTIKITEVAL.C: Source code listing of the C-program in the PIC processor

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