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DC Voltage Sensor

Price: US $ 145.00  DC Voltage Sensor  15 foot  DCV15

Price: US $ 195.00  DC Voltage Sensor  60 foot  DCV60

Price: US $ 225.00  DC Voltage Sensor 100 foot DCV100

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Shipping Policy


Sipping Charges

US Shipments

Shipping cost for a sensorProbe is $ 20.00

Every additional sensorProbe is $ 10.00

Every additional sensor is $ 5.00

The DC adapter is included for free

AKCP pays all taxes and customs duties

Non US Shipments

For EU Countries

The sensorProbe uses an external country specific DC adapter

There is an additional $10 charge for this adapter

The customer pays all taxes

There is an additional charge of $10 for all shipments of the sensorProbe to help offset the high costs of regulatory approvals



Product Description


The DC Voltage Sensor allows the user to integrate a custom sensor to the sensorProbe while still retaining all of the features of the standard sensors. The DC Voltage sensor has the full range of functionality including snmp integration, email and trap generation upon settable limits and thresholds. Customers have added pressure transducers, Solar Power Monitors, Battery Monitors, have integrated the sensorProbe into laboratory test equipment, and many other uses.


DC Voltage Sensors can be used by OEMs and engineers to create their own custom data collection systems. The user can configure sensor input voltage range from 0 to 50 volts. DC Voltage Detectors can provide real time data from the world around them.


Readings are available in both raw data and as a percentage of full scale. Full scale is user programmable with both the base and top voltage from 0 to 30 volts. SNMP interface for alarm/normal status. SNMP traps sent when status changes. SNMP polling via get available. Web browser interface available. When an alarm condition is activated the description and location of the fault can be sent via email.



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