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Motion Detector VC003

Price: US $   135.00  Motion detector VC003

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Shipping Policy


Sipping Charges

US Shipments 

Shipping cost for a sensorProbe is $ 20.00

Every additional sensorProbe is $ 10.00

Every additional sensor is $ 5.00

The DC adapter is included for free

AKCP pays all taxes and customs duties

Non US Shipments

For EU Countries 

The sensorProbe uses an external country specific DC adapter

There is an additional $10 charge for this adapter

The customer pays all taxes

There is an additional charge of $10 for all shipments of the sensorProbe to help offset the high costs of regulatory approvals



Product Description


The AKCP ‘Motion Detector’ is a revolutionary safety device that functions as an intruder detector. Designed to detect human body movement in a protected area, this motion detector has a wide detection angle of 120 degree - more than that of any existing detector. Foolproof detection is available up to a range of twelve metres and is adjustable for less. The time delay of the device is adjustable between 20 seconds and seven minutes. When coupled with a light sensor, the device makes for an excellent nighttime motion detector, avoiding wasteful daytime use.


The Power Relay Board provides 1 high-power SPDT 5V relay. It includes Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) and Snubber circuits to protect the open contact of the relays from the high voltage spikes or noise transients. It monitors the power & load and accepts a control signal which is sent from the sensorProbe.





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