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SensorProbe 2A

Price: US $295.00 (including 1 temperature sensor)

Price: US $395.00 (including 1 temperature and 1 humidity sensor)

Price: US $120.00 SMS Package 

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Shipping Policy


Sipping Charges

US Shipments 

Shipping cost for a sensorProbe is $ 20.00

Every additional sensorProbe is $ 10.00

Every additional sensor is $ 5.00

The DC adapter is included for free

AKCP pays all taxes and customs duties

Non US Shipments

For EU Countries 

The sensorProbe uses an external country specific DC adapter.

There is an additional $10 charge for this adapter. 

The customer pays all taxes

There is an additional charge of $10 for all shipments of the sensorProbe to help offset the high costs of regulatory approvals.



Product Description


Simple, Accurate and Rugged, sensorProbe is a low cost SNMP enabled and Web based Environmental Monitoring Device. It is based on years of industry experience. It is ready to run right out of the box. Simply assign the IP address and connect to the embedded web server.


sensorProbe has been field-proven with versatile measurement options. It can be configured to prevent specific kinds of exposure to humidity, water leakage ,gas, air flow and low or high temperature, etc. It does support other sensors which can monitor voltage drop, security, analog and dry contacts. It is customizable to any other sensors like Motion, Gas and Sound Sensor etc.


Plug in any of our intelligent sensors and the sensorProbe autosense feature will recognize the type and automatically configure it. The sensorProbe monitors your equipment's environmental variations, and notify's you through "E-mail, SMS or SNMP Alerts in your Network Management system" in advance and prevent any disaster. The user-friendly web interface allows you to monitor and control the sensorProbe from anywhere remotely. It also provides you the graphical representation of environmental conditions.


sensorProbe has been tightly integrated with "Network Management Systems like HP Openview, CA TNG Unicenter, IBM Tivoli, WhatsUp Gold". The sensorProbe is designed to run for years non stop. Click <here> to see sensorProbe application.



Features and Specification

SMS alerting is an optional feature which enables the sensorProbe to send alerts to the users of mobile devices. With SMS, the sensorProbe can help protect your valuable resources even when you are on move ! 



Cellphone SMS



To begin using the SMS alerting feature, you must purchase the SMS credit and register with us by sending your mobile number. It will be possible to configure this number with SMS gateway to send SMS from the registered sensorProbe. There are more than 500 Network Operator Carriers for 200 countries.


One SMS credit is packaged with a maximum of 500 SMS for $ 120.00 from a single sensorProbe. This is valid for 1 year. You can renew the subscription after one year or if your message limit is exhausted by paying an additional $120 for another year.


AKCP use a external gateway for the SMS feature, and the reliability of the SMS message will be dependent on this gateway, the internet, the operator and the Network coverage.





Server/Telecommunication/ Network equipments Room Monitoring, Remote ATMs Environmental Monitoring, Food & Beverage/Cold Storage, Oil & Gas / Petroleum Industries, Ware Houses/ Buildings, Hospitals / Medical Research Centers, Chemical / Pharmaceuticals Industries, Air conditioner/Freezers/Refrigerants Monitoring.






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