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Shipping Policy


Sipping Charges

US Shipments

Shipping cost for a sensorProbe is $ 20.00

Every additional sensorProbe is $ 10.00

Every additional sensor is $ 5.00

The DC adapter is included for free

AKCP pays all taxes and customs duties

Non US Shipments

For EU Countries

The sensorProbe uses an external country specific DC adapter.

There is an additional $10 charge for this adapter.

The customer pays all taxes.

There is an additional charge of $10 for all shipments of the sensorProbe to help offset the high costs of regulatory approvals.



Product Description


SensorArray Pro, is a larger version of sensorProbe with 8 ports and an additional expander card. The expander card can accommodate up to 32 dry contact inputs to the sensorArray. It is a simple SNMP based hardware device designed to monitor and notify changes in the environment variation for enterprise class network. You can set a threshold value against the sensors and when the threshold value is reached, the sensorArray sends an alert as Email, SMS, and SNMP. It is a plug n play device and is easy to maintain and use. The installation process is also simple. You don’t require additional power supply or batteries when you add new optional sensors. You don’t need to assign IRQs or internal memory ports or configure the device before the sensors can function.


The sensorArray comes with one temperature sensor. However, there is a provision to add other optional sensors. You can add up to four temperature sensors, three humidity sensors, and other sensors like water detectors, security sensors, voltage sensors etc.

The sensorArray is also capable of controlling power line voltage for computers and helps in the remote monitoring of power cycle via SNMP. It also contains an SNMP controlled RS-232 interface which monitors and controls remote serial interfaces like Cisco routers terminal interface and UNIX administration terminal interface.


The sensorArray can be completely integrated with Computer Associates Unicenter®, Hewlett Packard OpenView® and IBM Tivoli, WhatsUp Gold, Veritas NerveCenter.It can also be integrated with SNMP management stations that include graphing programs like MRTG.



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