bullet MKS-U Multipurpose dosimeter-radiometer



MKS-U Multipurpose dosimeter- radiometer

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Complete delivery:

            - external gamma-radiation detector with 30 m cable

            - 5 m telescopic bar with handle-framework for cable winding

            - case for telescopic bar



              - the integral heliobattery

              - 12 V car accumulator

              - 220V / 50 Hz industrial net by voltage converter



Measurement of gamma radiation parameters:
Measurement range of equivalent dose rate with combined detector unit  

0.1ĶSv/h ... 10 Sv/h

Measurement range of equivalent dose with external detector Sv/h


Measurement range of equivalent dose rate with panel built-in detector mSv


Equivalent dose accumulation time range and accuracy of measurement

1 min ... 100 hrs; ±1 min for 100 hrs

Main relative permissible error of EDR and ED measurement 137Cs calibration:

- for built-in and combined detecting unit:

- for external detector:




Energy response range,



Measurement of beta radiation parameters:  
Energy range of measurement,



Beta-particles flux density measurement range 1/(cm2*min)

10...200 000

Main relative permissible error of beta-particles flux density with (90Sr+90Y) calibration

± 20%

Time intervals of measurement seconds

2 ... 50

Time of continuous operation from storage battery hours


Operating temperature range (for digital indicator),  0C

-40 ... + 50 (-40 ... + 95)

Weight of complete set in packing kg


Dimensions of complete set in packing mm

490 x 255 х 130







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