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EXTECH thermometers

Infrared Thermometers and Pyrometers from

EXTECH Instruments Corp. and Electronic Specialties and Summit




Thermometer, IR, EXTECH, 42530

Extech 42510 Infrared Thermometer

Extech 42540 IR Thermometer

Extech 42500 IR Thermometer

Thermometer, IR, Extech, 42530

 Wide Range, - 54 to 1000 0F


Model: 42530: Wide range temperature  measurements from -58 to 1000F, 0.1 resolution. Accuracy: 2% of reading or 40 F (20 C) whichever is greater. Built-in laser pointer identifies target area; Backlighting illuminates display for taking measurements at night or in areas with low background light levels; Audible and visible indicators; Automatic Data Hold when trigger released.

Extech 42510 Wide Range

Mini IR Thermometer


Compact and lightweight, this wide range thermometer from Extech measures temperatures from 58 F to 1000 F (-50 to 538 C). A built-in laser pointer identifies the target area. Field of view (distance to target) 8:1. A data-hold mechanism activates automatically when the trigger is released. Backlit display is easy to read.


Extech 42540 High Temperature

IR Thermometer


Widest temperature range from -58 to 1400F (-50 to 760C). Built-in laser pointer identifies target area. High 12 to 1 distance to target ratio measures smaller surface areas at greater distances. Automatic data hold when trigger is released. Backlit display. High resolution of 0.1 up to 199.9. Basic accuracy 2 % < 932 F (500 C).


Extech 42500 IR Thermometer

- 4 to 500F (- 20 to 260 C)


It provides fast temperature measurements without contact. The built-in laser improves aim by centering the measuring area. Readings are selectable in F or C and the backlit display allows readings in dimly lit areas. The temperature range is -4 to 500 F (-20 to 260C). Includes 9V battery. Automatic Data Hold.

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ESI High Temp IR Thermometer

Extech 42545 thermometer

 Fluke FP FoodPro infrared thermometer

Est-65 Infrared Thermometer

ESI High Temp IR Thermometer

-58F to 1832F (-50C to 1000C)


High quality, professional tool with rubber insert in grip, nose and lcd areas. Temperature range: -58F to 1832F and -50C to 1000C. Long distance to spot ratio of 12:1. Accuracy: 1.5%. Backlit LCD display. Applications: engine troubleshooting, catalytic convertors, air conditioning, radiators, brake/tire. Zippered carrying case included.


Extech 42545 High Temperature IR Thermometer


Measures surface temperature from -58 to 1832F (-50 to 1000C).50 to 1 distance to target ratio (Example: at 50" distance measures 1" area). Laser pointer improves aim. Adjustable emissivity from 0.1 to 1.0 for use on most surface areas. Bright white LED backlit display.

Fluke FP, FoodPro Food Safety Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer


The FoodPro Thermometer is the first line of defense against risky temperatures. A noncontact, instant HACCP temperature scanner, the FoodPro unit quickly measures food surface temperature and signals "safe" or "unsafe" readings with green or red HACCP Check lights. The FoodPro unit is easy to use and is a reliable tool for every foodservice worker. Together, the FoodPro and FoodPro Plus thermometers are a complete temperature measurement solution.


Es Est-65 Infrared Thermometer

 - 58 to 1022 Degrees F


Quick and easy surface tempereature measurements. Just, aim, pull the trigger and read the temperature on the display. Features: Built-In laser pointer; Degree F / Degree C switchable button; Backlit LCD display; Auto Power Off; Over Range Beeper.


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EST70 Deluxe IR Thermometer

 ESI Pro Model IR Thermometer

 High Temp IR Thermometer ESIEST-75

 KINTREX IRT0421 infrared thermometer

EST70 Deluxe IR Thermometer

with Laser Pointer


It has the same features as the EST50 with these additional enhancements: Improved housing design; More ergonomic for increased user comfort and easy access battery. Recessed tripod mount on bottom of handle. Increased temperature range: -58 to 1022 F ( -50 to 550 C) Increased Distance to spot ratio: 12 to 1 Built in laser pointer. Measures a 6" diameter target at 4 feet away. Display F or C. Auto power off. Backlit LCD display. 9 V battery. Accuracy:  2% of reading. Emmisivity: S=0.95.


ESI Pro Model IR Thermometer



Quality product with professional grade features. Measures 3 inch diameter target from 3 feet away. 1022 F max. temp reading. High quality construction w/ rubber insert in grip, nose and LCD areas. 0.1 resolution for more accurate readings. Long distance ratio of 12 to 1 Built-In laser pointer.  F/ C controls. Backlit LCD Display. Temperature range: -58  to 1022 F (-50 to 550 C) Accuracy: 1.5% of reading. Distance to spot ratio: 12 to 1. Response time < .5 s. Emmissivity: E = 0.95. 9V batterey. One year warranty.


Electronic Specialties (ESIEST-75) High Temp IR Thermometer


Very high temperature range, up to 1832FHigh quality, professional tool, which has a very high temperature range, -58F to 1832F and -50 C to 1000 C.  It has long distance to spot ratio of 12:1, and the accuracy of 1.5 %.  Applications include, engine troubleshooting, catalytic convertors, air conditioning, radiators, and brake/tire. This tool comes in a zippered carrying case. More capability per dollar than the competition. Backlit LCD display

KINTREX IRT0421 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer


The KINTREX IRT0421 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer with Laser is designed to measure temperatures accurately from a distance. Lightweight, compact, and easy to use, the IRT0421 can safely measure hot, hazardous, or hard-to-reach surfaces without damaging them. Employing an ultra efficient non-contact method, the thermometer can provide several readings in a matter of seconds. Measurement Range: -76 to 932 F (-60 to 500 C); Distance to Spot Ratio: 12:1; Response Time (90%): 1 Second

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