Bullet  Journal: Flow Measurement and Instrumentation

     ISSN: 0955-5986  Vol./Iss.: 17, 2



Date: April 2006


Reliable in-plane velocity measurements with magnetic resonance velocity imaging
Pages 75-80
Haosen Zhang, Sandra S. Halliburton, Anand K. Venkatachari, Randolph M. Setser, Richard D. White and George P. Chatzimavroudis
Computational/experimental study of a variable critical nozzle flow
Pages 81-86
Jae-Hyung Kim, Heuy-Dong Kim and Kyung-Am Park
A novel capacitive system for the concentration measurement of pneumatically conveyed pulverized fuel at power stations
Pages 87-92
H.L. Hu, T.M. Xu, S.E. Hui and Q.L. Zhou
Passive flow control in liquid-propellant rocket engines with cavitating venturi
Pages 93-97
A. Ulas
Improved method for shot particle velocity measurement within a shotblasting chamber
Pages 99-105
Aleš Hribernik and Gorazd Bombek
Simultaneous measurements of velocity fields in thermal turbulence by USV and PIV
Pages 107-112
T. Mashiko, T. Segawa, M. Sano and Y. Tsuji
Experimental study on acoustic vector tomography of 2-D flow field in an experiment-scale furnace
Pages 113-122
Yan-Qin Li and Huai-Chun Zhou
Study on the metering characteristics of a slotted orifice for wet gas flow
Pages 123-128
Yanfeng Geng, Jinwu Zheng and Tianming Shi
Mathematical model applied to the experimental calibration results of a capillary standard leak
Pages 129-138
M. Bergoglio, G. Brondino, A. Calcatelli, G. Raiteri and G. Rumiano






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