Bullet  Journal: Flow Measurement and Instrumentation

     ISSN: 0955-5986  Vol./Iss.: 17, 4



Date: August 2006


Investigation of the flow velocity profile in a metering section of an invasive ultrasonic flowmeter
Pages 201-206
Renaldas Raišutis
Pattern recognition and signal processing of ultrasonic echo signal on two-phase flow
Pages 207-224
Sanehiro Wada, Hiroshige Kikura and Masanori Aritomi
Flow structure in the downstream of square and circular cylinders
Pages 225-235
Muammer Ozgoren
Streamwise velocity distribution in irregular shaped channels having composite bed roughness
Pages 237-245
Mahmoud F. Maghrebi and Majid Rahimpour
Testing the Wafer V-Cone flowmeters in accordance with API 5.7 “Testing Protocol for Differential Pressure Flow Measurement Devices” in the CEESI Colorado test facility
Pages 247-254
R.J.W. Peters, Richard Steven, Steve Caldwell and Bill Johansen






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