Bullet  Journal: Flow Measurement and Instrumentation

     ISSN: 0955-5986  Vol./Iss.: 17, 6



Coriolis Massflow Meters, Coriolis Flowmetering Technology: Theory and Practice
Edited by R. Cheesewright and M.S. Tombs


Date: December 2006


Pages 315-316
R. Cheesewright and M.S. Tombs
Coriolis mass flowmeters: Overview of the current state of the art and latest research
Pages 317-323
Martin Anklin, Wolfgang Drahm and Alfred Rieder
The performance characteristics of a micro-machined Coriolis flow meter: An evaluation by simulation
Pages 325-333
C. Clark, S. Wang and R. Cheesewright
Uncertainties associated with finite element modelling of Coriolis mass flow meters
Pages 335-347
R. Cheesewright and Simon Shaw
Velocity profile effects in Coriolis mass flowmeters: Recent findings and open questions
Pages 349-358
J. Kutin, G. Bobovnik, J. Hemp and I. Bajsic
Theory of errors in Coriolis flowmeter readings due to compressibility of the fluid being metered
Pages 359-369
J. Hemp and J. Kutin
High precision Coriolis mass flow measurement applied to small volume proving
Pages 371-382
Michael Tombs, Manus Henry, Feibiao Zhou, Robbie M. Lansangan and Michael Reese
Investigation of the batch measurement errors for single-straight tube Coriolis mass flowmeters
Pages 383-390
Tao Wang and Yousif Hussain
The dynamic performance of a new ultra-fast response Coriolis flow meter
Pages 391-398
C. Clark, M. Zamora, R. Cheesewright and M. Henry
Two-phase flow metering of heavy oil using a Coriolis mass flow meter: A case study
Pages 399-413
Manus Henry, Michael Tombs, Mihaela Duta, Feibiao Zhou, Ronaldo Mercado, Frank Kenyery, Joseph Shen, Martin Morles, Carlos Garcia and Robbie Langansan





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