Bullet  Journal: Flow Measurement and Instrumentation

     ISSN: 0955-5986  Vol./Iss.: 18, 5-6



Date: October-December 2007



Process tomography and flow visualization
Page 183
Mi Wang and Judith Squires


Application of high-resolution gamma ray tomography to the measurement of gas hold-up distributions in a stirred chemical reactor
Pages 184-190
U. Hampel, H.V. Hristov, A. Bieberle and C. Zippe


Measurement of gas holdup profiles in a gas liquid cocurrent bubble column using electrical resistance tomography
Pages 191-196
Haibo Jin, Suohe Yang, Mi Wang and R.A. Williams


Dynamic flow behavior measurements in gas–solid fluidized beds using different non-intrusive techniques and polyethylene powder
Pages 197-203
Bangyou Wu, Guang Yu, Celine Bellehumeur and Apostolos Kantzas


Determining jet mixing characteristics using electrical resistance tomography
Pages 204-210
David R. Stephenson, Michael Cooke, Adam Kowalski and Trevor A. York


Measurement of the surrounding liquid motion of a single rising bubble using a Dual-Camera PIV system
Pages 211-215
K. Sakakibara, M. Yamada, Y. Miyamoto and T. Saito


Visualization of flow pattern in thermosyphon by ECT
Pages 216-222
Shi Liu, Jingtao Li and Qi Chen

Backlight imaging tomography for slug flows in straight and helical tubes
Pages 223-229
Yuichi Murai, Kazumasa Inaba, Yasushi Takeda and Fujio Yamamoto


Reverse flow in a circular duct with an obstruction at the entry
Pages 230-234
C.H. Sohn, Y.Z. Zhang and B.H.L. Gowda


X-ray visualization measurement of slurry flow in solid propellant casting
Pages 235-240
Toru Shimada, Hiroto Habu, Yoshio Seike, Seiji Ooya, Hideo Miyachi and Masaaki Ishikawa


Imaging stratifying liquid–liquid flow by capacitance tomography
Pages 241-246
Norpaiza M. Hasan and Barry J. Azzopardi


Engineering and application of a dual-modality process tomography system
Pages 247-254
C. Qiu, B.S. Hoyle and F.J.W. Podd


Identification of gas/liquid two-phase flow regime through ERT-based measurement and feature extraction
Pages 255-261
Chao Tan, Feng Dong and Mengmeng Wu


An image reconstruction algorithm based on total variation with adaptive mesh refinement for ECT
Pages 262-267
Huaxiang Wang, Lei Tang and Zhang Cao


Sensor design and image accuracy for application of capacitance CT to the petroleum refinery process
Pages 268-276
Tong Zhao, Masahiro Takei, Kenta Masaki, Ryoji Ogiso, Koji Nakao and Akira Uchiura


Window function-based regularization for electrical capacitance tomography image reconstruction
Pages 277-284
Lihui Peng, Peng Jiang, Geng Lu and Deyun Xiao


Nonlinear image reconstruction using a GA-ECT technique in electrical capacitance tomography
Pages 285-294
Bin Zhou, Chuanlong Xu, Daoye Yang, Shimin Wang and Xin Wu


An extension of laser-interferometric CT measurement to unsteady shock waves and 3D flow around a columnar object
Pages 295-300
M. Ota, T. Inage and K. Maeno

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