Bullet  Journal: Flow Measurement and Instrumentation

      ISSN: 0955-5986  Vol./Iss.: 19, 5


Date: October 2008



1. Editorial Board
Page IFC
2. Computational study of the tangential type turbine flowmeter
Pages 233-239
Wang Zhen and Zhang Tao
3. Development of a displacement current-based sensor for electrical capacitance tomography applications
Pages 241-250
H. Wegleiter, A. Fuchs, G. Holler and B. Kortschak
4. A novel experimental technique for accurate mass flow rate measurement
Pages 251-259
Thomas Povey and Paul F. Beard
5. Acoustic Doppler flow-meters: A proposal to characterize their technical parameters
Pages 261-267
Frédérique Larrarte, Jean Bernard Bardiaux, Philippe Battaglia and Claude Joannis
6. On the measurement of the mass flow rate of horizontal two-phase flows in the proximity of the transition lines which separates two different flow patterns
Pages 269-282
Emerson dos Reis and Leonardo Goldstein Jr.
7. Large-scale eddies measured with large scale particle image velocimetry
Pages 283-291
J.F. Fox and A. Patrick
8. Four-point optical probe for measurement of bubble dynamics: Validation of the technique
Pages 293-300
Junli Xue, Muthanna Al-Dahhan, M.P. Dudukovic and R.F. Mudde
9. Experimental and numerical investigations of the averaging Pitot tube and analysis of installation effects on the flow coefficient
Pages 301-306
Daniel Węcel, Tadeusz Chmielniak and Janusz Kotowicz
10. Acoustic Doppler velocimetry (ADV) in small estuary: Field experience and signal post-processing
Pages 307-313
Hubert Chanson, Mark Trevethan and Shin-ichi Aoki
11. Mass flow rate measurement in a transonic turbine test facility with temperature distortion and swirl
Pages 315-324
Paul F. Beard, Thomas Povey and Peter T. Ireland

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