Bullet  Journal: Flow Measurement and Instrumentation

      ISSN: 0955-5986  Vol./Iss.: 22, 3



Date: June 2011



1. Editorial Board
Page IFC
2. An examination of suitability of multi-hole pressure probe technique for skin friction measurement in turbulent flow
Pages 153-164
S.J., Lien | N.A., Ahmed
3. Laminar flow control via utilization of pipe entrance inserts (a comment on entrance length concept)
Pages 165-174
Melda Özdinç, Çarpınlıoğlu | Emrah, Özahi
4. A new approach to improve the discharging capacity of sharp-crested triangular plan form weirs
Pages 175-180
S., Kumar | Z., Ahmad | T., Mansoor
5. The development of an automated PIV image processing software—SmartPIV
Pages 181-189
Shengxian, Shi | Daoyi, Chen
6. Enhancing particle image tracking performance with a sequential Monte Carlo method: The bootstrap filter
Pages 190-200
Shengxian, Shi | Daoyi, Chen
7. Determination of flow rate characteristics of porous media using charge method
Pages 201-207
Wei, Zhong | Guoliang, Tao | Xin, Li | Kenji, Kawashima | Toshiharu, Kagawa
8. The fractal flow conditioner for orifice plate flow meters
Pages 208-214
B., Manshoor | F.C.G.A., Nicolleau | S.B.M., Beck
9. Flow pattern and hydraulic performance of the REDAC Gross Pollutant Trap
Pages 215-224
Aminuddin, Ab Ghani | H.Md., Azamathulla | Tze Liang, Lau | C.H., Ravikanth | Nor Azazi, Zakaria | Cheng Siang, Leow | Mohd Azlan Mohd, Yusof
10. Influence of position and type of Doppler flow meters on flow-rate measurement in sewers using computational fluid dynamic
Pages 225-234
Hossein, Bonakdari | Ali Akbar, Zinatizadeh
11. Direct integration of gradually varied flow equation in parabolic channels
Pages 235-241
Ali R., Vatankhah
12. Calibration of the Lorentz force flowmeter
Pages 242-247
Vitaly, Minchenya | Christian, Karcher | Yuri, Kolesnikov | André, Thess




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