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New Solutions for Gas Detection

(CORDIS focus, Issue 52/53 - April 2006)


The measurement and detection of gases is required for a number of industries in order to ensure effective and safe working environments. A Finnish SME has developed an improved detection methodology based on black body radiation sources.


In the past, photo-acoustic spectrometry (PAS) has proved highly successful in gas detection, but its application has been limited. An SME based in Finland has developed new technological solutions improving the sensitivity and selectivity of PAS.


The company has devised a portable system capable ofsub-ppb (parts per billion) detection levels, a long-standing challenge for gas detection systems. The ultra-low detection limit, high selectivity and low cost combined with the capability to detect other gas types set it distinctly above the norm.


Standard detection methods are often a trade-off between high sensitivity and range of gas detection. Most detection technologies rely on high-powered light sources such as lasers, limiting the variety of gases they are able to detect. Using broadband black body radiation sources as the key sensors, however, provides no such limitation.


The developers are currently looking for collaboration with partners interested in developing the technology for the wide range of applications. A prototype exists and is available for testing.



Collaboration sought: licence agreement, manufacturing agreement, information exchange/training, other


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