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This monthly e-newsletter, written by the editors of Sensors & Transducers Magazine and Journal (ISSN 1726-5479), delivers the product and research news, end-use application news, information on upcoming events for MEMS and sensors professionals, and updates you on happenings in the sensor science, industry and markets. The Newsletter reports the latest developments in sensor industry as it happens from leading research centers, universities and manufacturers. Who should read this Newsletter ? All who are interested in the newest information and trends in sensors, transducers, MEMS and sensor instrumentation, including DAQ.


IFSA Newsletter (ISSN 1726-6017), February 2018

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1.   New Issue of Sensors & Transducers journal: Vol. 220, Issue 2, February 2018

2.   4th International Conference on Sensors and Electronic Instrumentation Advances (SEIA' 2018): Deadline for 2-page abstract: 30 March 2018

3.   High End Sensors International Conference: unveiled - only 68 tickets left

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5.   Additional Information, Comments, Suggestions


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Bullet Sensors & Transducers Journal, Vol. 220, Issue 2, February 2018





1) Measurement of Relative Humidity Using Electrochemical Sensors

    Ivan Krejci and David Krejci, pp.1-8

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


2) Differences in VOC-Metabolite Profiles of Pseudogymnoascus destructans and Related Fungi
    by Electronic-nose/GC Analyses of Headspace Volatiles Derived from Axenic Cultures

    Alphus Dan Wilson and Lisa Beth Forse, pp.9-19

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


3) Capillary Sensor with UV-Forced Degradation and Examination of Fluorescence for Determination
    of Chemical Stability of Diesel and Biodiesel Fuels

    Michal Borecki, Mateusz Gęca, Michael L. Korwin-Pawlowski and Przemysław Prus, pp.20-30

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


4) Biogas Analyzer Based on Open Source Hardware: Design and Prototype Implementation

    Antonio José Calderón and Isaίas González, pp.31-36

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


5) Characterization of Cuprous Oxide Thin Films Prepared by Reactive Direct Current Magnetron Sputtering

    Řrnulf Nordseth, Irinela Chilibon, Raj Kumar, Kristin Bergum, Cristina Vasiliu, Raluca Iordanescu, Laurentiu Baschir,
Dan Savastru, Adrian Kiss, Anca Parau, Laurentiu Fara, Roxana Trusca, Edouard Monakhov, Sean Erik Foss

    and Bengt Gunnar Svensson, pp.37-44

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


6) Low-cost Electrode Arrays for Recordings of Neural Activity

    Serob Muradyan, Amalya Hakobyan, Lusine Hovhannisyan, pp.45-50

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]

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Sensors Expo & Conference 2018



Bullet 4th International Conference on Sensors and Electronic Instrumentation Advances (SEIA' 2018)



General page: http://www.seia-conference.com


Call for Papers page: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=seia20180


Submission page: http://www.seia-conference.com/author-guide.html


Event schedule: 19-21 September 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands





Sensors and Sensing Technology

  • Accelerometers

  • Inclinometers

  • Gyroscopes

  • Mechanical Sensors

  • Optical Sensors

  • Optical Fiber Sensors

  • Photonic Sensors

  • Chemical Sensors

  • Biosensors

  • Immunosensors

  • BioMEMS

  • Temperature Sensors

  • Pressure Sensors

  • Acoustic Sensors

  • Electromagnetic Sensors

  • Gas Sensors

  • Humidity Sensors

  • Moisture Sensors

  • Vacuum Sensors

  • Torque Sensors

  • Displacement and Position Sensors

  • Flow Sensors

  • Level Sensors

  • Load Cells

  • Rotational Speed Sensors

  • pH Sensors

  • Infrared Sensors, Devices and Thermography

  • Radiation Sensors

  • Multi Sensor Fusion

  • Smart Sensors and Transducers (TEDS, IEEE 1451)

  • Intelligent Sensors

  • Virtual Sensors

  • Sensor Interfacing and Signal Conditioning

  • Sensor Calibration

  • Nanomaterials and Electronics Technology for Sensors

  • Semiconductor Materials for Sensors

  • Polymer Materials for Sensors

  • MEMS and NEMS

  • Remote Sensors and Telemetry

  • Sensor Applications

Sensor Instrumentation and Measuring Technology

  • Metrology and Measurement Science

  • Methods of Measurements

  • Calibrations and Standards

  • Measurement of Electrical Quantities

  • Time and Frequency Measurements

  • Measurement of Force, Mass, Torque, Inclination and Acceleration

  • Magnetic Measurements

  • Hardness Measurements

  • Measurement of Geometrical Quantities

  • Temperature and Thermal Measurements

  • Pressure and Vacuum Measurements

  • Vibration and Noise Measurement

  • Flow Measurements

  • Chemical Measurements

  • Quantum Measurements and Photonics

  • Acoustics and the Ultrasonic Measurements

  • Environmental Measurements

  • Power and Energy Measurements

  • Measurement of Human Functions

  • Measurements in Biology and Medicine

  • Mathematical Tools for Measurements

  • Optical and Radiation Measurements

  • Microwave Measurements

  • Virtual Instruments and Data Acquisition Systems

  • Software Measurements

  • Measurement Systems

  • Distributed Measurements

  • Analog-to-Digital Converters, Digital and Mixed Signal Processing

  • Waveform Analysis and Measurements

  • Scientific and Industrial Instrumentation

  • Cyber-Physical Systems and IoT

  • Experimental Mechanics

  • Measurement in Robotics

  • Metrology in Food and Nutrition

  • Intelligent and Computer Vision Instruments

  • Reliability of Instrument and Measurement Systems

  • Nanometrology

  • Technical Diagnostics and Testing

  • Nondestructive Testing

  • Education and Training in Measurement and Instrumentation


Deadline for 2-page abstracts: 30 March 2018




  • Keynote presentations

  • Industrial presentations

  • Invited talks

  • Regular papers for plenary and special sessions

  • Posters

The SEIA' 2018 conference proceedings will be sent for indexing to Web of Science (Thomson Reuters).



Bullet High End Sensors International Conference: unveiled - only 68 tickets left



The organisers of HES International have now finalised the programme for the 2018 conference, which will take place in Brussels on Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th April 2018.

The presentations will be covering ten key topics which collectively provide complete coverage for High-End Sensors: Market Opportunities:


• Defence, Security, Aviation and Aerospace High-End Sensors

• Imaging and Optical Sensing Advances

• Maximizing Sensor Data Acquisition and Analysis

• Optimizing IoT and IIoT Sensor Networks and Security

• New Approaches for Power Control and Energy Harvesting

• Radar and LiDAR Innovations

• Advances in MEMS Sensor Development

• Metrology and Test for High-End Sensors

• Enhancing Sensor Performance: Embedded, SoC and Machine Learning

• Emerging Opportunities and Applications

View agenda here: http://www.highendsensors.net/agenda

During the two-day conference delegates will hear almost 30 talks covering all the key topics.

"As well as many great presentations to look forward to, from the likes of Airbus, ams, BAE Systems, Cadence, CEA Leti and Infineon - there will be many companies to talk to at the exhibition" - says Stephen Whitehurst, Event Director. "Those conversations could be very valuable, as they could lead to opportunities to meet other key players across the value chain".

With only 5 weeks left to register and 68 tickets remaining make sure you sign-up today to avoid disappointment.

Book here: http:/www.highendsensors.net/register



Adam Richardson

Marketing Manager at Angel Business Communications



HES' 2018 logo



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