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This monthly e-newsletter, written by the editors of Sensors & Transducers Magazine (ISSN 1726-5479), delivers the product and research news you asked for, and updates you on happenings in the sensor science and industry. Who should read this Newsletter ? All who are interested in the newest information and trends in sensors, transducers, MEMS and sensor instrumentation, including DAQ.


IFSA Newsletter (ISSN 1726-6017), No.6, June 2008

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1.   Sensors & Transducers Magazine (e-Digest), No.6, June 2008

2.   Miniature High Sensitivity Tear Drop Accelerometers

3.   Sensors Web Portal Up-dates Briefs

4  Recently Published Sensors Books

5.   Chemical and Biosensors Market to 2012

6.   Data Acquisition Products: Global Market Demand Analysis

7.   Subscribtion

8.   Additional Information, Comments, Suggestions


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Bullet Sensors & Transducers Magazine (e-Digest), Vol. 93, No. 6, June 2008




1. Sensors Expo & Conference 2008: Main Trends, Newest Sensors and High Technologies

    by Sergey Y. Yurish

    [Full Text Article Download]



Research Articles:


2. Design, Development and Calibration of Virtual System for Relative Humidity Measurement

    by Georgi Nikolov, Boyanka Nikolova

    [Abstract and Full Text Article Download]


3. Fabricating Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers with Wafer Bonding Technique

    by Anil Arora, Ram Gopal, V. K. Dwivedi and Chandra Shekhar

    [Abstract and Full Text Article Download]


4. Remote Measurement of Electric Current Using Magneto-Optic Technique

    by Mahfoozur Rehman, Basem Abdul Jalil, Prof. Zaid Abdullah

     [Abstract and Full Text Article Download]


5. Design and Implementation of Output Feedback Control for Piezo Actuated Structure Using
    Embedded System

    by R. Maheswari, M. Umapathy, L.R.Karalmarx, D. Ezhilarasi

    [Abstract and Full Text Article Download]


6. A Generic Model for Relative Adjustment Between Optical Sensors Using Rigorous Orbit Mechanics

    by B. Islam, Nita H. Shah and B. Gopala Krishna

     [Abstract and Full Text Article Download]


7. Voltage Control System of A DC Generator Using PLC

    by Subrata Chattopadhyay, Sagarika Pal

    [Abstract and Full Text Article Download]


8. Color Signature of Current: a Novel Concept for Current Level Indication

    by Sarbani CHAKRABORTY, Satish Chandra BERA

    [Abstract and Full Text Article Download]


9. Indirect Method of Non Invasive in-vitro Measurement of D+ Glucose

    by Amar Rouane

    [Abstract and Full Text Article Download]


10. CuO-modified WO3 Sensor for the Detection of a ppm Level H2S Gas at Room Temperature

    by N. B. Sonawane, D. R. Patil, L. A. Patil

    [Abstract and Full Text Article Download]


11.Evaluation of Aquatic Environments Using a Sensorial System Based on Conducting Polymers

     and its Potential Application in  Electrochemical Sensors

     by Nelson Consolin Filho, Everaldo Carlos Venancio, Eduarda Regina Carvalho, Marcilene Ferrari Barriquello,

     Marcela B. Cunha-Santino, Irineu Bianchini Jr., Armando A. H. Vieira and Luiz H. C. Mattoso

     [Abstract and Full Text Article Download]


12.Synthesis and Characterization of a Novel Ammonia Gas Sensor Based on PANI-PVA Blend Thin Films

     by D. B. Dupare, P. Ghosh, K. Datta,  A. S. Aswar and M. D. Shirsat

     [Abstract and Full Text Article Download]



Product News:

New Products Exhibited at SENSORS EXPO 2008

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The deadline for articles, press releases and sponsored White Papers for the next  issue of S&T Journal (e-Digest) No.6, Vol.94, July 2008 is 15 July 2008. You can submit your article or press release online. For more information and instructions of preparation click <here>.



 Bullet Sensors Web Portal Up-Date Briefs




Bullet New Published Sensors Books


Architecture-Independent Programming for Wireless Sensor Networks, by Amol B. Bakshi, Viktor K. Prasanna


Wireless Ad Hoc Micro Sensor Networks

by Abid Ali Minhas

Book's cover

Publisher: Wiley-Interscience

Hardcover: 188 pages

Pubdate: 2 May 2008

ISBN: 0471778893


More details ...

Book's cover

Publisher: Elsevier Science

Hardcover: 712 pages

Pubdate: 19 May 2008

ISBN: 0444531254


More details ...



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Bullet Miniature High Sensitivity Tear Drop Accelerometers


Dytran Instruments, Inc. is pleased to introduce two new high sensitivity accelerometers that feature a miniature tear drop design. Models 3225M23 and 3225M24 are miniature, low profile, voltage mode (IEPE) piezoelectric accelerometers design to mount in spaces inaccessible to other types of  accelerometers. Featuring a titanium housing and weighing only 1 gram, these units are ideal for the measurement of shock and vibration of very small, lightweight specimens such as printed circuit boards and board-mounted components.


Designed for adhesive mount, models 3225M23 and 3225M24 may be mounted in very narrow spaces only slightly greater than .25 inch (6.4 mm) wide. The height is .215 inch (5.5 m). These units also feature a special 3-56 coaxial connector which mates with a replaceable coaxial cable, with a 10-32 coaxial jack at the end. The cable designed for these units is model 6003AXX and is one of the smallest in the industry (XX is the cable length in feet). Priced at $ 403.



Bullet Chemical and Biosensors Market to 2012


US demand for chemical sensors is projected to grow 7.6 percent per year to $5.4 billion in 2012. Biosensors will continue to be the largest type of chemical sensor, as the increasing number of diagnosed diabetics boosts demand for glucose test strips. Overall growth will also be supported by technological advances that allow for price reduction, sensor miniaturization and greater precision, all of which will expand the use of chemical sensors into new markets, as well as new applications within existing markets. Demand for chemical sensors based on emerging technologies, such as optical sensors, will see the fastest gains. The biggest market will remain the medical market, but growth will be strong in all chemical sensor outlets, which also include industrial and environmental monitoring applications. These and other trends, including market share and company profiles, are presented in Chemical Sensors, a new study from The Freedonia Group, Inc., a Cleveland-based industry market research firm.


Through 2012, biosensors - glucose test strips in particular -- are expected to provide the best opportunities, boosted by the aging population and growing demand for home and point-of-care testing and monitoring tools. While the development of multianalyte sensors and the use of biosensors in high-density arrays will also support demand, biosensors used outside of medical applications will continue to face considerable challenges from other existing detection and measurement methodologies. Optical sensors - including products based on infrared, fiber optic, photoionization, fluorescence, chemiluminescence, light-emitting diode, laser and ultraviolet technologies - will see the fastest gains of all sensor types. Optical sensors will continue to benefit from their high sensitivity, stability, immunity to interference and product improvements such as smaller size and enhanced ruggedness.


The medical market will grow the fastest, and therefore will remain the largest market by far for chemical sensors. Demand for blood glucose test strips will continue to see strong gains. However, fierce competition among suppliers will put downward pressure on prices as manufacturers strive to capture or maintain market share. The large automotive sensor market will also post favorable growth, due to a rebound in motor vehicle production and the introduction of new sensor applications such as cabin air quality control. The development of lower-cost, more durable and higher-performance chemical sensors will drive demand in other markets such as process industries, water and wastewater monitoring, as well as homeland security.


Freedonia Market Research




Bullet Data Acquisition Products: Global Market Demand Analysis


A new market study from Venture Development Corporation (VDC), Data Acquisition Products: Global Market Demand Analysis, 2nd Edition, sizes and forecasts shipments of data acquisition external chassis and modules and plug-in analog I/O boards to markets in three major geographic regions: the Americas (Central, North and South America); Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA); and Asia-Pacific.


The products covered are:

  • External Chassis and modules-data loggers, distributed/remote I/O, paperless chart recorders, USB PC front-end modules, other PC front ends, and standalone systems.

  • Plug-In Analog I/0 Board Types- CAMAC, CompactPCI, ISA, PC/104, PCI, PCI Express, PCMCIA (PC Cards), PXI, PXI

  • Express, VME, and VXI.

A major consideration in the Americas forecasts is the expected slow growth rate of the U.S. economy. There is also ongoing shifting of manufacturing operations out of North America, in many cases to the Asia-Pacific region. Shipments to markets in the Asia-Pacific region for both the external chassis and modules and plug-in analog I/O boards are expected to overtake those to Europe, the Middle East and Africa within the next four years. The most significant reason for the high growth rate forecasts for the Asia-Pacific region is the rapidly increasing manufacturing operations in countries there with emerging economies, particularly China. Manufacturing businesses in these countries are being formed and expanded.


In addition, manufacturers in other regions are moving operations to countries in this region with low labor costs. Part of the increases in capital investment by these firms will be in data acquisition products, both for use in manufacturing operations and in the design and testing of new products. In addition, these countries have growing needs for environmental monitoring, and in medical applications.


All of the regional markets and forecast regional market growth rates are higher for the external chassis and modules than the plug-in analog I/O boards. There continues to be an ongoing trend in data acquisition applications to the use of external devices, especially USB PC front ends instead of plug-in analog I/O boards. These external products are attractive as peripheral add-ons to computers that are portable, and can easily be moved to another platform in a different location.


The external products are attractive because of their portability and nature as computer peripherals rather than installed components that become permanent parts of a computer. These chassis and modules can be easily be moved from system to system, taken into the field, or used in a setting where having a computer would be impractical. External products also have the advantage of not requiring a new system or additional upgrades so long as the communication bus for the device most commonly serial, USB or Ethernet is found on the computer.


Jim Taylor,

Director, Industrial Automation and Control Practice,

Tel.: 508.653.9000 ext. 121,

E-mail: jimt@vdc-corp.com


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