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This monthly e-newsletter, written by the editors of Sensors & Transducers Magazine (ISSN 1726-5479), delivers the product and research news, end-use application news, information on upcoming events for MEMS and sensors professionals, and updates you on happenings in the sensor science, industry and markets. The Newsletter reports the latest developments in sensor industry as it happens from leading research centers, universities and manufacturers. Who should read this Newsletter ? All who are interested in the newest information and trends in sensors, transducers, MEMS and sensor instrumentation, including DAQ.


IFSA Newsletter (ISSN 1726-6017), No.2-3, March-February 2013

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1.   Sensors & Transducers Magazine (e-Digest) and journal, Vol.150, Issue 3, March 2013

2.   Sensors Web Portal Up-dates Briefs

3.   New Sensors Related Published Books

4.   Sensors Related Events

5.   MEMS Pressure Sensor Market 2012-2018

6.   BioMEMS 2011-2018

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Bullet Sensors & Transducers Journal and Magazine (e-Digest),
Vol. 150, No. 3, March 2013


Research Articles:


1) Review of RDC Soft Computing Techniques for Accurate Measurement of Resolver Rotor Angle

    Chandra Mohan Reddy Sivappagari, Nagabhushan Raju Konduru, pp.1-11


2) Flexible Tactile Sensor Based on Conductive Rubber and Sensing Mechanism

    Shanhong Li, Yubing Wang, Huibin Cao, Junxiang Ding, Feng Shuang, Yunjian Ge, pp.12-17


3) The Study of Decoupling Methods for a Novel Tactile Sensor Based on BP Neural Network

    Feilu Wang, Xuekun Zhuang, Xin Sun, Quangjun Song, Hongqing Pan, Yong Yu, Feng Shuang, pp.18-26


4) Improving the Accuracy of the Single Chip Impedance Analyzer for Sensor Applications

    Bohdan Stadnyk and Yuriy Khoma, pp.27-31


5) Design and Development of a Pressure Transmitter Using Modified Inductance Measuring Network and Bellow Sensor

    Venkata Lakshmi Narayana K. and Bhujanga Rao A., pp.32-39


6) Study on Single Plane Ultrasonic and Electrical Capacitance Sensor for Process Tomography System

    Muhammad Jaysuman Pusppanathan, Nor Muzakkir Nor Ayob, Fazlul Rahman Yunus, Shafishuhaza Sahlan, Khairul Hamimah Abas, Herlina Abdul Rahim, Ruzairi

    Abdul Rahim, Fatin Aliah Phang, pp.40-45


7) A Mixture Approach of Data Fusion and Reliability in Wireless Sensor Network

    Dequan Yang, pp.46-50


8) Temperature Distribution Measurement Based on ML-EM Method Using Enclosed Acoustic CT System

    Shinji Ohyama, Masato Mukouyama, pp.51-58


9) Development of Noise Measurements. Part 1. Fluctuations and Thermodynamics, Proper Noise and Thermometry

    Svyatoslav Yatsyshyn, Bohdan Stadnyk, Zenoviy Kolodiy, pp.59-65


10) Effect of Design Geometry on the Performance Characteristics of Linear Variable Differential Transformers

      Mohammad Kilani, Sinan Taifour and Lutfi AL-Sharif, pp.66-71

      [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


11) A Balancing Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network Based on the Assistance of Approaching Nodes

     Chengpei Tang, Jiao Yin, Yu Dong, pp.72-78


12) Experimental Videogrammetry and Accelerometry for the 2D Analysis of Human Motion

     Daniel Côrrea and Alexandre Balbinot, pp.79-89


13) Design of A Novel Gait Simulator for Rehabilitation Training

     Yongjiu Liu,  Quanjun Song, Buyun Wang, Yanyang Liu, Yuman Nie, Hui Wang and Feng Shuang, pp.90-96


14) Simulation Study of Bubble Detection Using Dual-Mode Electrical Resistance and Ultrasonic Transmission Tomography for Two-Phase Liquid and Gas

     Fazlul Rahman Mohd Yunus, Noor Azida Noor Azlan, Nor Muzakkir Nor Ayob, Muhammad Jaysuman Pusppanathan, Mohd Fahajumi Jumaah, C. L Goh, Ruzairi Abdul

     Rahim, Anita Ahmad, Yusri Md Yunus, Herlina Abdul Rahim, pp.97-105


15) Monitoring and Control of Agriculture Parameters in a Greenhouse through Internet

     Abhfeeth K. A., D. Ezhilarasi, pp.106-111


16) Magnetic Induction Tomography Modeling In Biological Tissue Imaging Using Two-Port Network Technique

     Muhammad Saiful Badri Mansor, Mohd. Fahjumi Jumaah, Zulkarnay Zakaria, Ruzairi Abdul Rahim, Nor Muzakkir Nor Ayob, Khairul Hamimah Abbas,Siti Zarina Mohd

     Muji, Sazali Yaacob, Herlina Abdul Rahim, Leow Pei Ling, pp.112-119


17) An Optical Fiber Read Out Method for a Reflective Microcantilever Biosensor

     Feng Wen, Yuejin Zhao, Xiaomei Yu, Cheng Gong, pp.120-124


18) An Immunity-based Ant Colony Optimization Topology Control Algorithm for 3D Wireless Sensor Networks

     Dequan Yang, pp.125-129



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Bullet New Sensors Related Published Books



Understanding Smart Sensors, 3rd Edition

by Randy Frank


Energy Harvesting Autonomous Sensor Systems: Design, Analysis, and Practical Implementation

by Yen Kheng Tan


 Understanding Smart Sensors book's cover

Publisher: Artech House

Hardcover: 327 pages

Pubdate: 31 January 2013

ISBN: 1608075079


More details ...

 Energy Harvesting Autonomous Sensor Systems book's cover

Publisher: CRC Press

Hardcower: 254 pages

Pubdate: 29 January 2013

ISBN: 1439892733


More details ...



For more sensors books please visit our IFSA Publishing web page and Online Bookstore



Bullet Sensors Related Events



2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Biosensors & Bioelectronics,

17-19 June 2013, Hilton Chicago/Northbrook, USA


At the successful meet of International Conference of Biosensors & Bioelectronics, researchers and developers shared their experiences and ideas through research talks and presentations and put forward many thought provoking strategies in Biosensors & Bioelectronics. This event offered a platform of bringing together a forum for students, postdocs and established scientists to exchange their ideas and contributing to an integrative approach to Biosensors & Bioelectronics Research.


Biosensors & Bioelectronics-2013 will provide a forum for accessing to the most up-to-date and authoritative knowledge from both commercial and academic worlds, sharing best practice in the field as well as learning about case studies of successfully integrated bio-sensing technologies. The meeting will provide an opportunity to highlight recent developments and also identify emerging future areas of growth in this exciting field.


Biosensors & Bioelectronics-2013 is comprised of 11 tracks and 50 sessions designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues in.


Track 1: Security and Sensing

Track 2: Photonic Sensors

Track 3: Nanobiosensors

Track 4: Biosensors for Theranostics

Track 5: Biosensors for Imaging

Track 6: Bioinstrumentation

Track 7: Environmental Biosensors

Track 8: Biosensors for Live Imaging

Track 9: Advancement of Nanotechnology

Track 10: Biosensors in Drug Delivery

Track 11: Biosensors in Clinical Chemistry


Submit your abstract today !


For more details please check the conference's web site:



Biosensors & Bioelectronics Conference 2013






Bullet MEMS Pressure Sensor Market


Lyon, France – March 26, 2013 – After years of limited growth, the MEMS pressure sensor market is growing due to consumer electronic applications and is expected to show a 22 % CAGR. Pressure sensors are playing an important role today in modern industries. MEMS pressure sensor is already widely adopted in different applications for its high-performance, low cost and small size. In its new report MEMS Pressure Sensor, Yole Développement gives a detailed overview of the MEMS pressure sensor markets, technologies and players. This report details the main applications in automotive, consumer, medical, industrial and high-end segment, and the main players in the industry. It also analyses the current pressure sensor technologies including MEMS technologies, and gives a detailed MEMS pressure sensor market forecast by application.



Emerging consumer applications are boosting the growth of the MEMS pressure sensor market and reshuffling the main players


MEMS pressure sensor is one of the very first MEMS components appearing in the microsystem world. The technologies are quite mature and the market is big and expected to grow from $1.9B in 2012 to $3B in 2018. “MEMS pressure sensor for consumer applications, especially for smartphones and tablets, is following the model of accelerometers and gyroscopes. Adoption of this model will help the MEMS pressure sensor market to boom again! We believe, this huge opportunity will result in the global volume of the MEMS pressure sensor market hitting 2.8 billion units by 2018” announces Wenbin Ding, Technology & Market Analyst, MEMS Devices & Technologies at Yole Développement.”Consumer pressure sensor will represent 1.7 billion units and will overtake automotive as the market leader in volume!”, she adds. Even though the consumer application has a much lower ASP than other applications, this promising segment will bring more than 8 % CAGR to the global MEMS pressure sensor market. Yole Développement carefully watches this market. This report has consolidated market data for 2012 and provides forecasts until 2018. In this report, Yole Développement provides a global overview of the current MEMS pressure sensor technologies, market and competitive landscape. The covered industries in the MEMS pressure sensor 2013 report are automotive, industrial, medical applications, consumer electronics and high-end (aeronautic, military, defense) applications.


For each of the above, Yole Développement’s report gives a market description, examples of the main applications, current market data and forecasts, the main device manufacturers and examples of products. Automotive applications are still dominating the MEMS pressure sensor market. TPMS, MAP and BAP will be the biggest sub applications in this field. Automotive, medical, industrial and high-end markets are growing 4 % to 7 % however the consumer market is growing 25 % in value (38 % in volume) because of new opportunities in smartphones and tablets.



MEMS pressure sensor market


MEMS pressure sensor market forecast by applications.



MEMS pressure sensor finds new applications in each domain, for example: in-cylinder pressure sensing for 2 automotive, CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine for medical use, smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Slll for indoor navigation) and tablets for consumer electronics industry, etc. All these emerging applications are still in their infancy, but they appear promising and Yole Développement’s analysts believe MEMS pressure sensor will find new ways to satisfy end users in each domain.



MEMS technologies are still gaining market share compared to other classic technologies


MEMS pressure sensors are showing advantages compared to other current technologies, such as ceramic thick-film, ceramic capacitive and thin-film technologies. In this report, you’ll read about a wide variety of pressure sensor technologies and how they are used in a broad range of applications. Yole Développement has carried out an in-depth analysis of the applicable range of technologies and classified them based on the requirements of the major applications. Read how the increasing need for low cost, low power consumption and high accuracy in low pressure range sensors, drives MEMS pressure sensor development. Learn which applications have rising demand as the MEMS pressure sensor market grows from $1.9 billion in 2012 to $3 billion by 2018.


Technologies like thin-film are still needed for use in harsh environments, particularly with high temperatures and corrosive medias. MEMS pressure sensor manufacturers are also working on components which could be used in these environments. The status of SiC MEMS pressure sensor development is also described in the report. Yole Développement analysis provides an overview of other existing pressure sensor technologies. Comparisons of different MEMS technologies are done in order to better understand the positioning of MEMS pressure sensors in the global market.



Fragmented market with more than 50 players involved


Since the MEMS pressure sensor market is huge, Yole Développement is not surprised to see a large number of players in this industry. It is one of the most fragmented markets. More than 50 worldwide players are involved. The top 5 players (Bosch, Denso, Sensata, GE Sensing and Freescale) represent about 50% of the total market. Automotive, medical, industrial, and high-end markets already have their mature leaders and smaller companies following. The consumer electronics market is still emerging with some conventional MEMS sensor companies interested. The report also includes a focus on the competition in the automotive market. Lots of companies are targeting this industry. Bosch has always dominated this sector. The supply chain of the automotive industry is complicated with different types of players: Car Manufacturers, Tier1 Automotive Part & Systems Suppliers (related to Pressure Sensors), Full Package Sensors Specialists and MEMS & Semiconductor Specialists. This section of the report includes a detailed description at each level of the value chain and gives an in-depth supply chain analysis for the automotive market. With new opportunities appearing in consumer electronics, new comers from the USA and China are targeting this segment. Yole Développement also follows the activities of some new Chinese challengers. Local Chinese companies are making an effort to try and fulfill the huge domestic demand in automotive and consumer applications.



CENICS' 2013



Bullet BioMEMS 2011-2018 a Technology & Market Report


Yole Développement announces its report “BioMEMS”. In this new edition, Yole Développement has gone a step further in its forecasts by splitting each general application into more detailed sub-applications. For example, “Blood Pressure applications” is separated into “blood monitoring disposable” and “blood monitoring equipment”. Moreover, compared to the previous edition, the company added the latest market data for each device category explored and specific case studies. “The BioMEMS market is expected to grow rapidly, from $1.9B in 2012 to $6.6B in 2018”, announces Benjamin Roussel, Technology & Market Analyst, Microfluidics & Medical Technologies at Yole Développement. According to him, microsystems integration is fast becoming a key added-value for system manufacturers…



BioMEMS and microsystems


        BioMEMS and microsystems for life science market (in $M)



Microsystem devices have become increasingly visible in the Healthcare market by serving as solutions adapted to the requirements of various applications. The usefulness of these devices is 2 two-fold: for one, they improve medical device performance for the patient; and secondly, they offer competitive advantages to system manufacturers. For example, the introduction of accelerometers in pacemakers has revolutionized the treatment of cardiac diseases.


The microsystem technologies market for healthcare applications looks promising, and should reach $6.6B by 2018. Yole Développement has followed this market’s innovations and key players for the last several years, and based on an accurate analysis of the market’s last three years, this new report consolidates market data for 2010-2012 and provides forecasts for 2012-2018.


The devices considered in the BioMEMS 2013 report are pressure sensors, silicon microphones, accelerometers, gyroscopes, optical MEMS and Image sensors, microfluidic chips, microdispensers for drug delivery, flow meters, infrared temperature sensors, emerging MEMS (RFID, Strain sensors, Energy Harvesting).


For each of the above, Yole Développement’s report provides a market description, the main device and system manufacturers, current market data, and forecasts. Additionally, main technological trends are reviewed.


Yole Développement’s analyst, Benjamin Roussel, also takes a look at the microsystem devices dedicated to cell phone applications. Though mobile care is still in its infancy, we believe this market will grow significantly in the coming years.


Furthermore, specific case studies (including technology and player-specific overviews, innovative developments, supply chain data and patent information) have been included to better address two of the industry’s hottest topics: microfluidic chips and retinal implants. Indeed, these two micro devices possess the largest growth opportunity for the coming years.



Regulation overview


The regulation particulars for medical device development, included organisms and process overview, are described for five different regions: Europe, North America, Japan, China and India. This section is particularly important for microsystem device and systems manufacturers.



A complete description of different healthcare markets and applications


Microsystem devices have applications in four key healthcare markets: pharmaceutical, in-vitro diagnostics, medical devices and medical home care. Each of these markets has its own unique dynamics, players and global drivers. Motivation for the acceptance of BioMEMS technologies is highly dependent on each individual market. Whereas the acceptance of microsystems is linked to sensibility and automation constraints in the Pharmaceutical market, in the in-vitro diagnostic market it’s all about portability and cost reduction; while the Medical Devices market is focused on addition of functionalities. Concerning the Home Care market, the motivations are to increase system safety and connectivity. Yole Développement’s report reviews all four of these markets in a detailed manner.


Yole Développement’s experts have identified a number of applications for each device type. These applications can be placed into five groups: patient monitoring, patient care, medical imaging, in-vitro diagnostic testing and drug delivery. For each of these groups, the report provides an overview of devices and key market drivers, along with market data. The BioMEMS 2013 report also pays particular attention to Chinese microsystems players, as a number of new players have recently entered the market.



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