Bullet  Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 39, 1


Date: January 2006


Measurements, evaluations and preferences: A scheme of classification according to the representational theory  
Pages 1-11
P. Cecconi, F. Franceschini and M. Galetto
Distorted surface topography observed by atomic force microscopy
Pages 12-15
L.X. Li, R.P. Liu, Z. Xu, Y. Xu, W.K. Wang and C.Z. Fan
Vibration and noise analysis of computer hard disk drives
Pages 16-25
N. Tandon, V.V.P. Rao and V.P. Agrawal
Comparison of the primary low gas flow standards between MIKES and METAS
Pages 26-33
S. Sillanpää, B. Niederhauser and M. Heinonen
A probabilistic theory of measurement
Pages 34-50
Giovanni Battista Rossi
Optimized signal to noise ratio of a PMT based detector system in Mie-Lidar
Pages 51-56
Y.B. Acharya and A. Jayaraman
Flexible in-process inspection through direct control
Pages 57-72
Tyler A. Davis, Shane Carlson, W. Ed Red, C. Greg Jensen and Karl Sipfle
A simple VFC based wattmeter suitable for application at industrial frequency
Pages 73-79
Hugo Calleja
A dynamometer design for measurement the cutting forces on turning
Pages 80-89
Süleyman Yaldız and Faruk Ünsaçar
FPGA implementation of a delay-line readout system for a particle detector
Pages 90-99
G. Seferiadis, M. Pouchet and M.P. Gough






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