Bullet  Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 39, 3


9th Workshop on ADC Modelling and Testing
Athens, Greece, 2004
Edited by P. Daponte and L. Michaeli


Date: April 2006


Introduction to special issue on ADC modelling and testing—9th workshop on ADC modelling and testing
Pages 195-197
P. Daponte and L. Michaeli
Validity of Widrow’s model for sinusoidal signals
Pages 198-203
José L. Mariano and Helena Geirinhas Ramos
Functional simulation of a technique for background calibration of capacitor mismatch errors in pipelined A/D converters
Pages 204-212
G. Chiorboli and C. Morandi
Principles of optimisation, modelling and testing of intelligent cyclic A/D converters
Pages 213-231
A.A. Platonov, K. Jędrzejewski, Ł.M. Małkiewicz and J. Jasnos
Fast estimation of ADC nonlinearities using the Sinewave Histogram Test
Pages 232-237
F. Stefani, A. Moschitta, D. Macii, P. Carbone and D. Petri
Noise sensitivity of the exponential histogram ADC test
Pages 238-244
Ján Šaliga, Linus Michaeli and Roland Holcer
Synthesis of binary test sequences with good spectral properties using an evolutionary algorithm
Pages 245-251
D.A. Lampasi, L. Podestà and P. Carbone
Sinewave generation with on board DAC non-linearity compensation using a ΣΔ approach
Pages 252-257
A. Sabatini, A. Moschitta and P. Carbone
Recent developments on DAC modelling, testing and standardization
Pages 258-266
E. Balestrieri, P. Daponte and S. Rapuano






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