Bullet  Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 39, 5


Date: June 2006


Performance of low frequency magnetic field meters to sinusoidal and beat-phenomenon magnetic fields
Pages 381-392
C.A. Cortes, H. Brüggemeyer, R. Dib, E. Mombello and G. Rattá
A new attenuation circuit for voltage signal conditioning in electronic measurement instrumentation
Pages 393-406
C. Quintáns, M.J. Moure and M.D. Valdés
High precision ultrasonic on-machine measurement
Pages 407-414
Tilo Pfeifer, Manfred Benz, Bastian Engelmann and Philip Hafner
An expert measurement system for photogrammetric industrial application
Pages 415-419
B. Ergün
Monitoring the stress of the post-tensioning cable using fiber optic distributed strain sensor
Pages 420-428
Junqi Gao, Bin Shi, Wei Zhang and Hong Zhu
Clinical comparison of an ultrasonographic periodontal probe to manual and controlled-force probing
Pages 429-439
John E. Lynch, Mark K. Hinders and Gayle B. McCombs
Unified approach to parameter measurements of single carrier digital modulations
Pages 440-446
Domenico Luca Carně and Domenico Grimaldi
A method for the thermal conductivity measurement of semiconductors
Pages 447-450
A.I. Vahanyan
Frequency estimation in power systems using the Dynamic Leapfrog method
Pages 451-457
J.A. Jordaan and R. Z̆ivanović
The error of method in spirometry
Pages 458-465
Barbara Juroszek
Air features in spirometric transducers
Pages 466-476
Barbara Juroszek
An improved lead wire compensation technique for conventional two wire resistance temperature detectors (RTDs)
Pages 477-480
Sunit Kumar Sen






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