Bullet  Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 39, 6


Date: July 2006


A new linear encoder-like capacitive displacement sensor
Pages 481-489
Moojin Kim and Wonkyu Moon
Development of a novel hand-held toluene gas sensor: Possible use in the prevention and control of sick building syndrome
Pages 490-496
Koji Kawamura, Mun’delanji Vestergaard, Miho Ishiyama, Naoki Nagatani, Tomohiko Hashiba and Eiichi Tamiya
A photochromic dye activation method for measuring the thickness of liquid films
Pages 497-504
Jeongbae Kim and Moo Hwan Kim
Measurement of pulse transit time using AT90S8535 microcontroller
Pages 505-511
J.Y.A. Foo, S.J. Wilson, G.R. Williams, M.A. Harris and D.M. Cooper
An attempt to interpret some problems in measurement science on the basis of Kuhn’s theory of paradigms
Pages 512-521
Giovanni Battista Rossi
Effect of CMM point coordinate uncertainty on uncertainties in determination of circular features
Pages 522-531
P.B. Dhanish and Jose Mathew
Information variation during the measurement process
Pages 532-535
Jonas Skeivalas, Raimundas Putrimas and Arunas Buga
Inspection of specular and painted surfaces with centralized fusion techniques
Pages 536-546
F. Puente León and S. Kammel
A comparative approach for calibration of the depth measuring system in a nanoindentation instrument
Pages 547-552
Z. Li, K. Herrmann and F. Pohlenz
Wavelets and wavelet packets applied to detect and characterize transient alarm signals from termites
Pages 553-564
Juan José González de la Rosa, I. Lloret, A. Moreno, C.G. Puntonet and J.M. Górriz
The development of instrumentation for the measurement of relative humidity within building microenvironments
Pages 565-574
Paul H. Baker, Graham H. Galbraith, R. Craig McLean and Chris H. Sanders






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