Bullet  Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 39, 7


Date: August 2006


Metrological characteristics of wavelet filter used for engineering surfaces
Pages 575-584
K. Lingadurai and M.S. Shunmugam
Innovation approach based measurement error self-correction in dynamic systems
Pages 585-593
Ch. Hajiyev
Evaluation of measurement uncertainties for a scratching tester
Pages 594-604
Fábio José Pinheiro Sousa, Daniel Tridapalli, Milton Pereira, Carlos Alberto Flesch and Orestes Estevam Alarcon
Prediction of power losses in transformer cores using feed forward neural network and genetic algorithm
Pages 605-611
Ilker Kucuk and Naim Derebasi
Uncertainty and traceable calibration – how modern measurement concepts improve product quality in process industry
Pages 612-620
Jenny Wirandi and Alexander Lauber
A modified wavelet transform domain adaptive FIR filtering algorithm for removing the SPN in the MFL data
Pages 621-627
Wenhua Han and Peiwen Que
Measuring the natural frequencies of centrifugally tensioned beam with laser doppler vibrometer
Pages 628-633
Adolfo Senatore
Suppression of low-frequency interferences in the induction sensor of magnetic field
Pages 634-642
Rostyslav Sklyar
Investigation on concentration distribution and mass flow rate measurement for gravity chute conveyor by optical tomography system
Pages 643-654
Yingna Zheng, Qiang Liu, Yang Li and Nabil Gindy
Workload measurement method into a Distributed Measurement Laboratory
Pages 655-663
Domenico Grimaldi
Characterisation of frequency instability and frequency offset using instruments with incomplete data sheets
Pages 664-673
Juan José González de la Rosa, A. Moreno, I. Lloret, V. Pallarés and M. Lińán
A new production technique for rotameters and venturimeters
Pages 674-679
Vedat Tanyıldızı and Haydar Eren






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