Bullet  Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 39, 9

Advanced Mathematical Tools for Measurement in Metrology and Testing
Edited by F. Pavese


Date: November 2006


Mathematical modelling of indirect measurements in scatterometry
Pages 782-794
H. Gross, R. Model, M. Bär, M. Wurm, B. Bodermann and A. Rathsfeld
Simplicity with advanced mathematical tools for metrology and testing
Pages 795-807
A.G. Steele and R.J. Douglas
Measurement uncertainty and optimized conformance assessment
Pages 808-814
Alistair B. Forbes
Free-knot cubic spline modelling in cryogenic thermometer calibration
Pages 815-820
Patrizia Ciarlini and Daniela Ichim

A metrologist viewpoint on some statistical issues concerning the comparison of non-repeated

measurement data, namely MRA Key Comparisons

Pages 821-828
F. Pavese

Optimised measurement uncertainty and decision-making when sampling by variables or by attribute
Pages 829-840
Leslie R. Pendrill
Road map for measurement uncertainty evaluation
Pages 841-848
Michèle Désenfant and Marc Priel
Software validation in metrology: A case study for a GUM-supporting software
Pages 849-855
Norbert Greif, Heike Schrepf and Dieter Richter
A generalized confidence interval for a measurand in the presence of type-A and type-B uncertainties
Pages 856-863
C.M. Wang and Hari K. Iyer
The batched moving averages of measurement data and their applications in data treatment
Pages 864-875
Nien Fan Zhang






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