Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 43, 9



Date: November 2010




Critical remarks on the linearised and extended Kalman filters with geodetic navigation examples
Pages 1077-1089
Dah-Jing Jwo, Ta-Shun Cho



Regular Articles




Analysis of the practical force accuracy of electromagnet-based nanoindenters
Pages 1090-1093
Yong Huan, Dongxu Liu, Rong Yang, Taihua Zhang



A low cost capacitive bridge based on voltage drop balance
Pages 1094-1098
A. Mariscotti



Nanomeasuring and nanopositioning engineering
Pages 1099-1105
G. Jäger, T. Hausotte, E. Manske, H.-J. Büchner, R. Mastylo, N. Dorozhovets, N. Hofmann




Analysis of muscle activity during gait cycle using fuzzy rule-based reasoning
Pages 1106-1114
Huiying Yu, Murad Alaqtash, Eric Spier, T. Sarkodie-Gyan



Approximation of a multivariable sensor characteristic applied to the carbon monoxide sensor
Pages 1115-1118
Janusz Janiczek




Development of an embedded system and MATLAB-based GUI for online acquisition and analysis of ECG signal
Pages 1119-1126
R. Gupta, J.N. Bera, M. Mitra




Traceability of mass measurements in Estonia
Pages 1127-1133
Viktor Vabson, Toomas Kübarsepp, Riho Vendt, Mart Noorma



Measuring heat transfer coefficient in convection reflow ovens
Pages 1134-1141
Balázs Illés



An algebraic–analytic framework for measurement theory
Pages 1142-1164
Zoltan Domotor, Vadim Batitsky



Performance evaluation of an indigenously designed copper (U) tube Coriolis mass flow sensors
Pages 1165-1172
Satish C. Sharma, Pravin P. Patil, Major Ashish Vasudev, S.C. Jain



Object’s translational speed measurement using motion blur information
Pages 1173-1179
Xu Ting-Fa, Zhao Peng



MEMS based acoustic thermomechanical characterization of aluminum 6061-T651 beams
Pages 1180-1191
Gino Rinaldi



Explicit form of the geometric factor for a thin disk’s resistivity measurement
Pages 1192-1196
O. Kouba, A. Nader



A software program for semi-automated measurement of building façades
Pages 1197-1206
Celestino Ordóñez, Joaquín Martínez, Pedro Arias, Julia Armesto



Generation of spatio-temporal concentration profiles for cell culture systems: A case study in ammonia
Pages 1207-1216
Xicai Yue, Emmanuel M. Drakakis, Athanasios Mantalaris, Anthony Cass



Correction of the metrological properties of the pneumatic length measuring gauges through changes of the measuring nozzle head surface shape
Pages 1217-1227
Czeslaw Janusz Jermak, Branimir Barisic, Miroslaw Rucki



Frequency domain parameter estimation of two common frequency single-tone signals
Pages 1228-1239
Tomáš Radil, Pedro M. Ramos



Characterization of surface defects in fast tool servo machining of microlens array using a pattern recognition and analysis method
Pages 1240-1249
C.F. Cheung, K. Hu, X.Q. Jiang, L.B. Kong



Uncertainty analysis for measurement of measurand
Pages 1250-1254
Hung-Chia Chen, Pei-Chen Wu, Jing-Ye Huang, Lin-An Chen



A microwave method based on amplitude-only reflection measurements for permittivity determination of low-loss materials
Pages 1255-1265
Ugur Cem Hasar, Mustafa Tolga Yurtcan




Design and testing of a 1.5 Tesla double-tuned (1H/31P) RF surface coil with intrinsic geometric isolation
Pages 1266-1276
Maria Alfonsetti, Antonello Sotgiu, Marcello Alecci




Hamon 10 × 100 MΩ resistor based traceable source for calibration of picoammeters in the range 100 pA–100 nA
Pages 1277-1281
F. Galliana, P.P. Capra



On the use of TEM cells for the calibration of power frequency electric field meters
Pages 1282-1290
Luca Zilberti, Oriano Bottauscio, Mario Chiampi, Gabriella Crotti




Temperature propagation through a mercury vapour calibration source and assessment of possible analytical biases caused by measurement of temperature variations
Pages 1291-1298
Richard J.C. Brown, Jian Wang, Andrew S. Brown



Exploration of transmission efficiency and quantitative measurement of the Axis Ultra electron spectrometer
Pages 1299-1304
Binbin Hu, Lafeng Yu, Guangjun Wang, Simon Hutton, Huizhong Huang, Zuliang Du




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