Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 44, 6



Date: July 2011





A waveform digitizer-based automatic modulation classifier for a flexible spectrum management
Pages 1007-1017
Niclas Björsell, Luca De Vito, Sergio Rapuano



Support vector machine with genetic algorithm for machinery fault diagnosis of high voltage circuit breaker
Pages 1018-1027
Jian Huang, Xiaoguang Hu, Fan Yang




Online monitoring of transit-time ultrasonic flowmeters based on fusion of optical observation
Pages 1028-1037
Amir Dadashnialehi, Behzad Moshiri




The use of predictors in seabed mapping: A simulation approach
Pages 1038-1043
Ghedhban Swadi, Dave Holifield, Ivan Jordanov




Testing high resolution DACs: A contribution to draft standard IEEE P1658
Pages 1044-1052
Aldo Baccigalupi, Mauro D’Arco, Annalisa Liccardo, Michele Vadursi




Detection of aliasing in sampled dynamic fiber Bragg grating signals recorded by spectrometers
Pages 1053-1058
T.C. Buck, M.S. Müller, A. Perez Grassi, A.W. Koch




Spectral analysis of internally leaking shut-down valves
Pages 1059-1072
E. Meland, V. Henriksen, E. Hennie, M. Rasmussen





Development and performance characterization of low, medium and high vacuum primary standards
Pages 1073-1079
H.M. Akram, Haris Rashid




Measurement error in prism coupling method and refractive index profile reconstruction in ion-exchanged waveguides
Pages 1080-1083
Haiyan Chen




Filling rate assessment of recycling containers using ultrasonic transducers
Pages 1084-1095
Pedro Mestre, Carlos Serôdio, Agostinho Azevedo, Hélder Correia, Isabel Bentes, Carlos Couto





Design and development of a CCD based optical tomography measuring system for particle sizing identification
Pages 1096-1107
M. Idroas, R. Abdul Rahim, M.H. Fazalul Rahiman, M.N. Ibrahim, R.G. Green





Eddy current evaluation of air–gaps in aeronautical multilayered assemblies using a multi-frequency behavioral model
Pages 1108-1116
Thanh Long Cung, Pierre Yves Joubert, Eric Vourch





Analytical calculation of sensitivity for Coriolis mass flowmeter
Pages 1117-1127
L.J. Wang, L. Hu, Z.C. Zhu, P. Ye, X. Fu





(Unbiased) Variance estimation and uncertainty format
Pages 1128-1135
Giampaolo E. D’Errico





Real-time measurement method of dc injection for transformerless PV systems
Pages 1136-1142
Xiao-Qiang Guo





Method of measuring the change in volume of a diaphragm bellows used in a volume displacer of a constant-pressure gas flowmeter (with a practical guide)
Pages 1143-1152
L. Peksa, T. Gronych, M. Vičar, M. Jeřáb, P. Řepa, J. Tesař, D. Pražák, Z. Krajíček, F. Staněk





Design of experiments and data-fitting techniques applied to calibration of high-frequency electromagnetic field probes
Pages 1153-1165
Massimo D’Apuzzo, Mauro D’Arco, Nicola Pasquino





Pneumatic gauge empirical-mechanistic modelling
Pages 1166-1176
Vladimir B. Bokov





Step by step improvement of measurement methods for earth’s rotary rate using fiber optic gyro
Pages 1177-1182
Y.S. Zhao, You Zheng, Y.R. Lin, Li Bin





Investigation on the spindle thermal displacement and its compensation of precision cutter grinders
Pages 1183-1187
Yung-Cheng Wang, Ming-che Kao, Chung-Ping Chang





Accuracy improvement of point data reduction with sampling-based methods by Fuzzy logic-based decision-making
Pages 1188-1200
Igor Budak, Mirko Sokovic, Branimir Barisic





Non-destructive stiffness detection of utility wooden poles using wireless MEMS sensor
Pages 1201-1207
K.M. Tsang, W.L. Chan





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