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Measurement of Geometrical Quantities with focus on Co-ordinate Measurement Techniques

Special Issue



Date: December 2012

Handbook of Laboratory Measurements




Editorial – Manufacturing Metrology

Pages 2281-2282
Albert Weckenmann



Animated visualization of the maximum material requirement

Pages 2283-2287
Zbigniew Humienny, Piotr Turek



Tactile–optical probes for three-dimensional microparts

Pages 2288-2298
Marcus Petz, Rainer Tutsch, Ralf Christoph, Matthias Andraes, Benjamin Hopp



Analytical estimation of coordinate measurement uncertainty

Pages 2299-2308
Władysław Jakubiec, Wojciech Płowucha, Marcin Starczak



Measurement uncertainty evaluation of optical multi-sensor-measurements

Pages 2309-2320
Johannes Bernstein, Albert Weckenmann



Reduced configuration set for the multi-step method applied to machine and probe error separation on a CMM

Pages 2321-2329
Abdelhak Nafi, J.R.R. Mayer, Adam Wozniak



Usability assessment of selected methods of optimization for some measurement task in coordinate measurement technique

Pages 2330-2338
Andrzej Kawalec, Marek Magdziak



Measuring large 3D structures using four portable tracking laser interferometers

Pages 2339-2345
Klaus Wendt, Matthias Franke, Frank Härtig



Training in coordinate measurement using 3D virtual instruments

Pages 2346-2358
Călin Neamţu, Dan Hurgoiu, Sorin Popescu, Mihai Dragomir, Herbert Osanna



A new didactic approach to statistical analysis of measurement data for the evaluation of measurement uncertainty – “SAM–EMU”

Pages 2359-2367
W. Płowucha, T. Werner, E. Savio, L. Blunt, W. Jakubiec



Geometrical principles for analysing hypoidal gears in Coordinate Measuring Machines: Involutometry, protocols, data interpretation

Pages 2368-2375
José Sánchez, Gerardo Ruiz, Sergio Padilla, Benjamín Valera



Geodetic method of the fuel tank form inspection

Pages 2376-2381
Siniša Delčev, Vukan Ogrizović, Jelena Gučević


Mechanical Metrology in the Modern Context



The set up of primary calibration system for shock acceleration in NML

Pages 2383-2387
Yu-Chung Huang, Jiun-Kai Chen, Hsin-Chia Ho, Chung-Sheng Tu, Chao-Jung Chen



Construction of a standard force machine for the range of 100 μN–200 mN

Pages 2388-2392
Christian Schlegel, Oliver Slanina, Günther Haucke, Rolf Kumme



Evaluation of actual sensitivity limit in a 10 N·m dead weight torque standard machine and stability of a new 1 N·m torque transducer

Pages 2393-2399
Atsuhiro Nishino, Koji Ogushi, Kazunaga Ueda



3-D Surface roughness profile of 316-stainless steel using vertical scanning interferometry with a superluminescent diode

Pages 2400-2406
Wirun Laopornpichayanuwat, Jakkapol Visessamit, Montian Tianprateep



Experimental investigation into the effects of exciter motions on the primary calibration of single-ended accelerometer

Pages 2407-2412
C. Hirunyapruk, P. Rattanangkul, B. Thummawut, V. Plangsangmas



Influence of operational parameters on a hand-operated torque standard machine

Pages 2413-2418
Rafael S. Oliveira, Rodrigo F. Guilherme, Luiz C. Cabral


Pressure and Vacuum Metrology



Editorial: Pressure and Vacuum Metrology

Page 2419
Jorge Torres, Karl Jousten


Vacuum Metrology



Traceability to SI units for vacuum measurement in industrial applications

Pages 2420-2425
Karl Jousten



Enhancing life cycles of total pressure vacuum gauges in deposition applications (enhancing life cycles of vacuum gauges)

Pages 2426-2429
Nikolas von Freyhold, Patrick Gottschalk, Ute Bergner



The characterization of new VGMS (vacuum gauge metrology system) by the traceability of multi stage static expansion system

Pages 2430-2433
Ilknur Kocas, Gokce Sevim Sariyerli


Leak rate and low gas flow rate measurement



Leak rate metrology for the society and industry

Pages 2434-2440
M. Bergoglio, D. Mari



Stability tests of standard leaks for the calibration by a comparison method

Pages 2441-2444
Kenta Arai, Hajime Yoshida, Masahiro Hirata, Hitoshi Akimichi, Tokihiko Kobata



Measurement of gas flow rate from helium standard leaks

Pages 2445-2448
Henryk Magielko



Accurate conductance measurements of a pinhole orifice using a constant-pressure flowmeter

Pages 2449-2451
James A. Fedchak, Dana R. Defibaugh



Newly developed standard conductance element for in situ calibration of high vacuum gauges

Pages 2452-2455
Hajime Yoshida, Kenta Arai, Hitoshi Akimichi, Tokihiko Kobata



Measurements and analysis of time constant of the KRISS dynamic flow control system

Pages 2456-2458
S.S. Hong, Wakil Khan, J.Y. Lim, Y.H. Shin, J.W. Chung, S.Y. Woo



INRIM primary standard for microgas-flow measurements with reference to atmospheric pressure

Pages 2459-2463
Mercede Bergoglio, Domenico Mari


Pressure metrology



FEA calculation of pressure distortion coefficients of gas-operated pressure balances – EURAMET project 1039

Pages 2464-2468
W. Sabuga, T. Priruenrom, G. Molinar Min Beciet, G. Giovinco, T. Rabault, P. Wongthep, D. Pražák



Use of a higher order Heydemann–Welch model to characterize a controlled clearance piston gauge

Pages 2469-2471
Douglas A. Olson, Shaker A. Gelany, Alaaeldin A. Eltawil



Measurement of the elastic constants of pressure balance materials using resonance ultrasound spectroscopy

Pages 2472-2475
Ahmed D. Salama, Wladimir Sabuga, Peter Ulbig



An initial investigation of the damped resonant behaviour of gas-operated pressure balances

Pages 2476-2478
C.M. Sutton, M.P. Fitzgerald, D.G. Jack



Development of low-pressure calibration system using a pressure balance

Pages 2479-2481
Momoko Kojima, Tokihiko Kobata



Development of remote calibration system for pressure standard

Pages 2482-2485
Tokihiko Kobata, Momoko Kojima, Hiroaki Kajikawa



An investigation of quartz type pressure transducer behavior under continuous pressure conditions and metrological characterization

Pages 2486-2489
Ilknur Kocas, Mercede Bergoglio



Design of a secondary standard for measuring arterial blood pressure

Pages 2490-2493
G. Fahd, O. Ait Mokhtar, O. Boiron, I. Morgado, F. Paganelli, P. Otal, V. Deplano


ADC Modelling and Testing



Editorial: ADC Modelling, Testing and Data Converter Analysis and Design

Pages 2495-2497



Characterization of arbitrary waveform generator by low resolution and oversampling signal acquisition

Pages 2498-2510
A. Baccigalupi, D.L. Carnì, D. Grimaldi, A. Liccardo



Time-to-digital converters based on event-driven successive charge redistribution: A theoretical approach

Pages 2511-2528
Dariusz Kościelnik, Marek Miśkowicz



Non-linear dynamic modelling of broad-band GHz-field analogue-to-digital acquisition channels

Pages 2529-2538
Pier Andrea Traverso, Marco Salami, Gaetano Pasini, Fabio Filicori








Digital Sensors and Sensor Sysstems



Inertial Combo Sensors Market to 2016




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