Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 45/4



Date:  May 2012




Review of pyroshock wave measurement and simulation for space systems

Pages 631-642
Jung-Ryul Lee, Chen Ciang Chia, Churl-Won Kong


Regular Articles



Experimental validation of PID based cascade control system through SCADA–PLC–OPC and internet architectures

Pages 643-649
A. Lakshmi Sangeetha, B. Naveenkumar, A. Balaji Ganesh, N. Bharathi



Centroid weighted Kalman filter for visual object tracking

Pages 650-655
Zhaoxia Fu, Yan Han



Pre-alarm model of diesel vapour detection and alarm based on grey forecasting

Pages 656-662
Xiaozhou Lü, Wenke Lu



Studying the resistivity imaging of chicken tissue phantoms with different current patterns in Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT)

Pages 663-682
Tushar Kanti Bera, J. Nagaraju



A new hierarchical reconstruction algorithm for electrical capacitance tomography using a relaxation region-based approach

Pages 683-690
S. Teniou, M. Meribout



A new method of seamless land navigation for GPS/INS integrated system

Pages 691-701
Tao Zhang, Xiaosu Xu



The investigation of the lower limb geometry using 3D sonography and magnetic resonance

Pages 702-710
Ewelina Świątek-Najwer, Krzysztof Krysztoforski, Szymon Łukasz Dragan, Romuald Będziński



Tonality evaluation of wind turbine noise by filter-segmentation

Pages 711-718
Xiaofeng Liu, Lin Bo, Martin Veidt



Bearing defect inspection based on machine vision

Pages 719-733
Hao Shen, Shuxiao Li, Duoyu Gu, Hongxing Chang



Identification of materials with magnetic characteristics by neural networks

Pages 734-744
Sedat Nazlibilek, Yavuz Ege, Osman Kalender, Mehmet Gökhan Sensoy, Deniz Karacor, Murat Hüsnü Sazlı



A novel Kalman filter for combining outputs of MEMS gyroscope array

Pages 745-754
Liang Xue, Cheng-Yu Jiang, Hong-Long Chang, Yong Yang, Wei Qin, Wei-Zheng Yuan



A mathematical model for the validation of the ground reaction force sensor in human gait analysis

Pages 755-762
Jorge Garza-Ulloa, Huiying Yu, Thompson Sarkodie-Gyan



Wet gas meter based on the vortex precession frequency and differential pressure combination of swirlmeter

Pages 763-768
Chenquan Hua, Yanfeng Geng



Module level fault diagnosis for analog circuits based on system identification and genetic algorithm

Pages 769-777
Hui Luo, Youren Wang, Hua Lin, Yuanyuan Jiang



A New Two-Quadrant Squarer/Divider Circuit for true RMS-to-DC converters in MOS technology

Pages 778-784
Ebrahim Farshidi, Tayebeh Ghanavati Nejad



Multi response optimisation of CNC turning parameters via Taguchi method-based response surface analysis

Pages 785-794
İlhan Asiltürk, Süleyman Neşeli



Hardware and software platform for ADCWAN remote laboratory

Pages 795-807
M. Corrado, L. De Vito, H. Ramos, J. Saliga



Measurement of the dielectric constants of zinc metallic nanoparticles at various frequencies

Pages 808-813
K.C. Chang, Y.C. Yeh, J.T. Lue


Technical Note



Mass calibration designs for a robotic comparator loading three weights at most

Pages 814-817
W.G. Lee

Handbook of Laboratory Measurements




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Inertial Combo Sensors Market to 2016


Uncooled Infrared Imaging Market to 2016





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