Bullet Journal: Measurement

     ISSN 0263-2241 Vol./Iss.: 45/5



Date:  June 2012




A new diagnostic technique for ball screw actuators

Pages 819-828
A. Garinei, R. Marsili



A study to identify and correct friction-induced error of penetration measurement for agricultural materials

Pages 829-835
Y. Sun, F. Meng, W. Buescher, P. Schulze Lammers, J. Lin, F. Ross, C. Maack, Q. Cheng



Comparison between laser scanning, single-image rectification and ground-penetrating radar technologies in forensic science

Pages 836-843
H. González-Jorge, M. Solla, J. Martínez-Sánchez, P. Arias



Automatic 3D model reconstruction of the diamond object

Pages 844-855
Shunyi Zheng, Langming Zhou, Cailin Li, Yang Zhou



Ranking universities based on performance evaluation by a hybrid MCDM model

Pages 856-880
Hung-Yi Wu, Jui-Kuei Chen, I-Shuo Chen, Hsin-Hui Zhuo



Error analysis in high-accuracy digital measurements

Pages 881-888
Renata T. Barros e Vasconcellos, Marcello L.R. de Campos



Thermo-mechanical study of a power connector

Pages 889-896
E. Carvou, R. El Abdi, J. Razafiarivelo, N. Benjemaa, E.M. Zindine



A novel scheme for fault detection of reciprocating compressor valves based on basis pursuit, wave matching and support vector machine

Pages 897-908
Qiang Qin, Zhi-Nong Jiang, Kun Feng, Wei He



The assessment of vision re-creation indices for the automotive industry in Taiwan: A hybrid fuzzy model approach

Pages 909-917
Jui-Kuei Chen



Carbon nanotubes based strain sensors

Pages 918-921
Khasan Sanginovich Karimov, Fazal Ahmad Khalid, Muhammad Tariq Saeed Chani



Modeling and compensation of MEMS gyroscope output data based on support vector machine

Pages 922-926
Yan-shun Zhang, Tao Yang



Deviation model based method of planning accuracy inspection of free-form surfaces using CMMs

Pages 927-937
Malgorzata Poniatowska



Autonomous navigation of robotic units in mobile sensor network

Pages 938-949
Sedat Nazlibilek



Honeycomb damage detection in a reinforced concrete beam using frequency mode shape regression

Pages 950-959
Zubaidah Ismail, Zhi Chao Ong



Defect detection in deep groove ball bearing in presence of external vibration using envelope analysis and Duffing oscillator

Pages 960-970
V.N. Patel, N. Tandon, R.K. Pandey



Autonomous multiple teams establishment for mobile sensor networks by SVMs within a potential field

Pages 971-987
Sedat Nazlibilek



Automated accurate high value resistances measurement in the range from 100 kΩ to 100 MΩ at NIS

Pages 988-992
N.N. Tadros, Rasha S.M. Ali



Comparison of heart rate variability (HRV) and nasal pressure in obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) patients during sleep apnea

Pages 993-1000
Min Soo Kim, Young Chang Cho, Suk-Tae Seo, Chang-Sik Son, Yoon-Nyun Kim



Measurement and functional validation of detect and avoid ultra wideband devices

Pages 1001-1014
Gianmarco Baldini, Detlef Fuehrer, Janie Banos, Manuel García Fuertes, Xiaochen Chen, Di Wu



Thermal imaging study of temperature fields in shallow flows

Pages 1015-1022
Dongfang Liang, Jack Mao Chen, Kelvin J.Y. Chong, Camilla McCorkell



Powder sampling and characterization by digital image analysis

Pages 1023-1038
Alberto Boschetto, Veronica Giordano



A FPGA-based instrument for power measurement in DVB-T systems

Pages 1039-1050
Leopoldo Angrisani, Domenico Capriglione, Luigi Ferrigno, Gianfranco Miele



On the relationship between cooling setup and warpage in injection molding

Pages 1051-1056
R. Sánchez, J. Aisa, A. Martinez, D. Mercado



Automated dimensional inspection planning using the combination of laser scanner and tactile probe

Pages 1057-1066
Haibin Zhao, Jean-Pierre Kruth, Nick Van Gestel, Bart Boeckmans, Philip Bleys



Accurate measurements of output characteristics and detonations of motorbike high-speed racing engine and their optimization at actual atmospheric conditions and combusted mixture composition

Pages 1067-1076
Michal Puškár, Peter Bigoš, Paula Puškárová



An experimental study on the concrete hydration process using Fabry–Perot fiber optic temperature sensors

Pages 1077-1082
Xiaotian Zou, Alice Chao, Ye Tian, Nan Wu, Hongtao Zhang, Tzu-Yang Yu, Xingwei Wang



Microtiter spectrophotometric biofilm production assay analyzed with metrological methods and uncertainty evaluation

Pages 1083-1088
Matteo Erriu, Gianfranco Genta, Enrica Tuveri, Germano Orrů, Giulio Barbato, Raffaello Levi



Evaluation of gas turbine rotor dynamic analysis using the finite element method

Pages 1089-1097
Hamdi Taplak, Mehmet Parlak



A vision-based measurement installation for programmable logic controllers

Pages 1098-1104
Omur Aydogmus, Muhammed F. Talu



Accurate measurement of millimeter-wave attenuation from 75 GHz to 110 GHz using a dual-channel heterodyne receiver

Pages 1105-1110
T.Y. Wu



Gold nanoparticles modified ceria nanoparticles for the oxidation of hydrazine with disposable screen-printed electrode

Pages 1111-1113
Haiyi Sun, Shugao Zhao, Fengli Qu



Dynamic characteristics of piezoelectric six-dimensional heavy force/moment sensor for large-load robotic manipulator

Pages 1114-1125
Ying-jun Li, Gui-cong Wang, Jun Zhang, Zhen-yuan Jia



Effect of different construction materials on propagation of GPS monitoring signals

Pages 1126-1139
Ting-Hua Yi, Hong-Nan Li, Ming Gu



Automatic characterization of fracture surfaces of AISI 304LN stainless steel using image texture analysis

Pages 1140-1150
Samik Dutta, Arpan Das, Kaustav Barat, Himadri Roy



A novel deepwater structures pose measurement method and experimental study

Pages 1151-1158
Wenming Wang, Liquan Wang, Caidong Wang



The analysis of subdivision measurement based on sinusoidal magnetic field model

Pages 1159-1164
Zhenyu Gao, Jinchun Hu, Yu Zhu, Ming Zhang, Guanghong Duan



Combined measurements – A way to improve the measurement accuracy of an additive quantity

Pages 1165-1169
Ryszard Siuda, Andrzej Grabowski



A combinatorial optimization approach for evaluating minimum-zone spatial straightness errors

Pages 1170-1179
Dawit H. Endrias, Hsi-Yung Feng, Ji Ma, Lihui Wang, M. Abu Taher



High frequency comparison with thermoelectric power sensors between INRIM and NMC

Pages 1180-1187
L. Brunetti, Y. Shan, L. Oberto, C.W. Chua, M. Sellone, P. Terzi



An MCMC algorithm based on GUM Supplement 1 for uncertainty evaluation

Pages 1188-1199
A.B. Forbes



Range expansion of the reference torque wrench calibration service to 5 kN m at NMIJ

Pages 1200-1209
Koji Ogushi, Atsuhiro Nishino, Koji Maeda, Kazunaga Ueda



Characterization and calibration of MEMS inertial sensors for state and parameter estimation applications

Pages 1210-1225
Gökçen Aslan Aydemir, Afşar Saranlı



An fully-automated measurement system for identifying magnetization characteristics of switched reluctance motors

Pages 1226-1238
Shun-Chung Wang



Characterization of magnetic field rotation of steel sheet under uniaxial stress

Pages 1239-1245
Shih-Kang Kuo, Sheng-Yang Lin, Chen-Yuan Lu



An improved stochastic subspace identification for operational modal analysis

Pages 1246-1256
Guowen Zhang, Baoping Tang, Guangwu Tang



Adaptive complementary filter using fuzzy logic and simultaneous perturbation stochastic approximation algorithm

Pages 1257-1265
Xiaowei Shen, Minli Yao, Weimin Jia, Ding Yuan



Measurement and analysis of surface roughness in turning of aerospace titanium alloy (gr5)

Pages 1266-1276
S. Ramesh, L. Karunamoorthy, K. Palanikumar



Analysis of damping resistor’s effects on pulse response of self-integrating Rogowski coil with magnetic core

Pages 1277-1285
Yu Zhang, Jinliang Liu, Guoqiang Bai, Jiahuai Feng



Application of grey fuzzy logic for the optimization of drilling parameters for CFRP composites with multiple performance characteristics

Pages 1286-1296
A. Krishnamoorthy, S. Rajendra Boopathy, K. Palanikumar, J. Paulo Davim



Resistance measurement of isolated single-walled carbon nanotubes

Pages 1297-1300
Bo Zhao, Hongxia Qi, Dong Xu



Characterization study on NIS X-ray beam qualities and its applications

Pages 1301-1307
A.R. El-Sersy, N.R. Khalel, N.E. Khaled, S.A. Eman, H.M. Eissa



Faulty bearing signal recovery from large noise using a hybrid method based on spectral kurtosis and ensemble empirical mode decomposition

Pages 1308-1322
Wei Guo, Peter W. Tse, Alexandar Djordjevich


Technical Note



An Improved Fourier Five-Sensor (IF5S) method for separating straightness and yawing errors of a linear slide based on multiple sensor parameter sets and least square regression technique

Pages 1323-1330
Eric H.K. Fung, M. Zhu



A fast, simple and accurate time-varying frequency estimation method for single-phase electric power systems

Pages 1331-1333
Dragos Nicolae Vizireanu



Calibration procedure for performance evaluation of clinical Pulsed Doppler Systems

Pages 1334-1342
F. Marinozzi, F.P. Branca, F. Bini, A. Scorza

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