ISSN : 0924-4247  Vol./Iss.: 100, 2-3


Date: 01-Sep-2002


A novel Love-mode device based on a ZnO/ST-cut quartz crystal structure for sensing applications,

K.K. Zadeh, A. Trinchi, W. Wlodarski, A. Holland, pp.135-143. Abstract.


Thermal measurement and analysis of micro hotplate array using thermography,

R. Zhang, Y. Gu, D. Zhu, J. Hao, Z. Tang, pp.144-152. Abstract.


New hybrid magnetometric sensor,

M.D. Michelena, C. Aroca, E. Lopez, M.C. Sanchez, P. Sanchez, pp.153-159. Abstract.


Multi-wavelength optical fiber liquid refractometry based on intensity modulation,

A.L. Chaudhari, A.D. Shaligram, pp.160-164. Abstract.


Characterization and application of PZT/PU and graphite doped PZT/PU composite,

W.K. Sakamoto, P. Marin-Franch, D.K. Das-Gupta, pp.165-174. Abstract.


Time division multiplexed strain sensing system by the use of dual-wavelength fiber Bragg gratings,

M. Zhang, C.C. Chan, D.N. Wang, J.M. Gong, W. Jin, M.S. Demokan, pp.175-179. Abstract.


Diffractive optical element based sensor for roughness measurement,

G.S. Spagnolo, D. Ambrosini, pp.180-186. Abstract.


Operation of Yb:YAG fiber-optic temperature sensor up to 1600  C,

J.L. Kennedy, N. Djeu, pp.187-191. Abstract.


Fast temperature determination using two thermometers with different dynamical properties,

S. Grys, W. Minkina, pp.192-198. Abstract.


The sheer-contact MAGRES - a magnetic field sensor with minimal manufacturing complexity,

J.W.A. von Kluge, H. Acker, F. Umbach, W.A. Langheinrich, pp.199-205. Abstract.


Infrared temperature measurement system using photoconductive PbSe sensors without radiation chopping,

F.J. Meca Meca, M. Mazo Quintas, F.J. Rodrguez Sanchez, P. Ramos Sainz, pp 206-213. Abstract.


Investigations on excitation and detection methods for Lamb wave sensors,

Y. Wu, M. de Labachelerie, F. Bastien, pp.214-222. Abstract.


A novel six-component force sensor of good measurement isotropy and sensitivities,

S.A. Liu, H.L. Tzo, pp.223-230. Abstract.


Preparation of PCLT/P(VDF-TrFE) pyroelectric sensor based on plastic film substrate,

L. Jinhua, Y. Ningyi, H.L.W. Chan, pp.231-235. Abstract.


Silicon strain sensitive unijunction transistor with controlling p-n-junction,

G.G. Babichev, S.I. Kozlovskiy, V.A. Romanov, N.N. Sharan, pp.236-243. Abstract.


Doping behavior of CdO in BaTiO3-based PTCR ceramics, 

J. Qi, Z. Gui, Q. Zhu, Y. Wang, Y. Wu, L. Li, pp.244-246. Abstract.


Embedded fiber optic sensor for characterization of interface strains in FRP composite,

Y. Zhao, F. Ansari, pp.247-251. Abstract.


Pyroelectric and dielectric properties of sol-gel derived barium-strontium-titanate (Ba0.64Sr0.36TiO3) thin films,

T. Zhang, H. Ni, pp.252-256. Abstract.


Finite element analysis of a IBM suspension integrated with a PZT microactuator,

S. Jun, Z. Zhaowei, pp.257-263. Abstract.


A high-stroke, high-pressure electrostatic actuator for valve applications,

W. van der Wijngaart, H. Ask, P. Enoksson, G. Stemme, pp.264-271. Abstract.


The transfer function of a new disc-type ultrasonic motor, 

P.-A. Juang, W. Brenner, pp.272-280. Abstract.


On piezoelectric super-helix actuators,

D.H. Pearce, A. Hooley, T.W. Button, pp.281-286. Abstract.


Underwater flextensional piezoceramic sandwich transducer,

I. Chilibon, pp.287-292. Abstract.


PECVD-SiOxNy films for large area self-sustained grids applications,

M.N.P. Carreno, M.I. Alayo, I. Pereyra, A.T. Lopes, pp.295-300. Abstract.


Silicon condenser microphones with corrugated silicon oxide/nitride electret membranes,

R. Kressmann, M. Klaiber, G. Hess, pp.301-309. Abstract.


Conference Calendar, pp.310.


List of conferences, pp.311-312.




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