ISSN : 0924-4247  Vol./Iss.: 101, 1-2


Date: 30-Sep-2002


A 12 MHz micromechanical bulk acoustic mode oscillator,

T. Mattila, J. Kiihamaki, T. Lamminmaki, O. Jaakkola, P. Rantakari, A. Oja, H. Seppa, H. Kattelus, I. Tittonen, pp. 1-9, Abstract.


A high-sensitivity CCD image sensor using source follower circuit with actively controlled gain characteristics,

S. Park, H. Uh, S. Choi, pp.10-13. Abstract.


Adhesion criterion for center-anchored circular plates in microstructures,

M.-J. Lin, R. Chen, pp.14-23. Abstract.


Single-crystal ruby fiber temperature sensor,

H.C. Seat, J.H. Sharp, Z.Y. Zhang, K.T.V. Grattan, pp.24-29, Abstract.


Single-mode fiber-based reflex sensor for internal surface in-line measurement of small products,

Y. Zhao, Y. Liao, pp.30-36. Abstract.


Dependence of the resonance frequency of thermally excited microcantilever resonators on temperature,

H. Jianqiang, Z. Changchun, L. Junhua, H. Yongning, pp.37-41. Abstract.


Characteristics of sapphire fiber connected with ruby sensor head for the fiber-optic thermometer applications,

H. Aizawa, N. Ohishi, S. Ogawa, A. Endo, A. Hakamada, T. Katsumata, S. Komuro, T. Morikawa, E. Toba,

pp. 42-48. Abstract.


Tracking the harmonic response of magnetically-soft sensors for wireless temperature, stress, and corrosive monitoring,

K.G. Ong, C.A. Grimes, pp.49-61. Abstract.


High electric field performance of Al0.3Ga07As/GaAs and Al0.3Ga0.7As/GaAs/In0.3Ga0.7As quantum well micro-Hall devices,

V.P. Kunets, W. Hoerstel, H. Kostial, H. Kissel, U. Muller, G.G. Tarasov, Y.I. Mazur, Z.Y. Zhuchenko, W.T. Masselink, pp.62-68. Abstract.


An evanescent-coupling plastic optical fibre refractometer and absorptionmeter based on surface light scattering,

R.M. Ribeiro, J.L.P. Canedo, M.M. Werneck, L.R. Kawase,

pp 69-76, Abstract.


Development of fiber optic BOTDA sensor for intrusion detection,

I.-B. Kwon, S.-J. Baik, K. Im, J.-W. Yu, pp.77-84. Abstract.


High field resolution for nondestructive testing using sensitive magnetometers,

M.v. Kreutzbruck, K. Allweins, pp.85-91. Abstract.


Design of a pulsed eddy current sensor for detection of defects in aircraft lap-joints,

A. Sophian, G.Y. Tian, D. Taylor, J. Rudlin, pp.92-98. Abstract.


Improvement of bulk acoustic wave hammer for vibration testing of microstructures using 1-3 composite transducers,

W.P. Lai, W. Fang, pp.99-106. Abstract.


Simultaneous measurement of strain and temperature using a fiber Bragg grating and a thermochromic material,

C. Fernandez-Valdivielso, I.R. Matas, F.J. Arregui, pp.107-116. Abstract.


Evaluation of electrical impedance of Pt-Ir epimysial electrodes under implantation in muscles,

R. Munoz, L. Leija, J. Alvarez, J.L. Reyes, J. Flores, P.-R. Hedz, A.Minor, G. Sierra, pp.117-122. Abstract.


The ac electrical failure behaviors and mechanisms of current limiting BaTiO3-based positive-temperature-coefficient (PTC) ceramic thermistors coated with electroless nickel-phosphorous electrode,

D. Zhang, D. Zhou, S. Jiang, X. Wang, S. Gong, pp.123-131. Abstract.


The development of the model and arithmetic for the fully distributed fiber optic sensor based on Raman optical-fiber frequency-domain, reflectometry (ROFDR),

J. Geng, J. Xu, Y. Li, G. Wei, C. Guo, pp.132-136. Abstract.


Optical fiber sensor for water detection using a side-polished fiber coupler with a planar glass-overlay-waveguide,

K.-R. Sohn, K.-T. Kim, J.-W. Song, pp.137-142. Abstract.


Magnetic field tuning of the frequency-temperature response of a magnetoelastic sensor,

C. Mungle, C.A. Grimes, W.R. Dreschel, pp.143-149. Abstract.


Hall bar device processing on patterned substrates using optical lithography,

P. Elias, S. Hasenohrl, J. Fedor, V. Cambel, pp.150-155. Abstract.


Silicon glass anodic bonding under partial vacuum conditions: problems and solutions,

G. Blasquez, P. Favaro, pp.156-159. Abstract.


The influence of residual stress and membrane thickness on the performance of Fe-Ni-Cr/Invar bimetal freestanding membrane for, microdevices,

Y.-J. Hsu, Y.-H. Chang, Y.-L. Chai, G.-J. Chen, pp.160-167. Abstract.


Actuators with permanent magnets having variable in space orientation of magnetization,

A. Kruusing, pp.168-174. Abstract.


Evaluation of a monolithic piezoelectric drive unit for a miniature robot,

U. Simu, S. Johansson, pp.175-184. Abstract.


Modeling and design of novel photo-thermo-mechanical microactuators,

S. Baglio, S. Castorina, L. Fortuna, N. Savalli, pp.185-193. Abstract.


Sensor interfaces: from field-bus to Ethernet and Internet,

A. Flammini, P. Ferrari, E. Sisinni, D. Marioli, A. Taroni, pp.194-202. Abstract.


Integrated analog beam former based on bucket brigade device for micromachined ultrasonic sensor array,

Y. Mo, T. Tanaka, S. Arita, A. Tsuchitani, K. Inoue, K. Yamashita, Y.Suzuki, pp.203-211. Abstract.


Nanomechanical resonant structures in silicon nitride: fabrication, operation and dissipation issues,

L. Sekaric, D.W. Carr, S. Evoy, J.M. Parpia, H.G. Craighead, pp.215-219. Abstract.


Generalized MEMS lot monitoring using fully-integrated material and structure mechanical analysis,

P. Minotti, G. Bourbon, E. Joseph, P. Le Moal, pp.220-230. Abstract.


Robust capacitive pressure sensor array,

S.-P. Chang, J.-B. Lee, M.G. Allen, pp.231-238. Abstract.


Modeling the thermal behavior of a surface-micromachined linear-displacement thermomechanical microactuator,

C.D. Lott, T.W. McLain, J.N. Harb, L.L. Howell, pp.239-250. Abstract.


Conference Calender, pp.251.


List of conferences, pp.252-253.



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