ISSN : 0924-4247  Vol./Iss.: 114, 2-3


Date : 01-Sep-2004

Selected papers from Transducers 03, Boston, USA, 20030608/12, Edited by: P. French


Micro chamber for cellar analysis integrated with negligible dead volume sample injector,

M. Kanai, H. Abe, T. Munaka, Y. Fujiyama, D. Uchida, A. Yamayoshi, H. Nakanishi, A. Murakami, S. Shoji, pp. 129-134.

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AFM characterization of out-of-plane high frequency microresonators,

S. Ryder, K.B. Lee, X. Meng, L. Lin, pp. 135-140

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A micromachined active tactile sensor for hardness detection, 

Y. Hasegawa, M. Shikida, T. Shimizu, T. Miyaji, H. Sasaki, K. Sato, K. Itoigawa, pp. 141-146

Abstract and full text


Ultrasonic micro array sensors using piezoelectric thin films and resonant frequency tuning,

K. Yamashita, L. Chansomphou, H. Murakami, M. Okuyama, pp.147-153.

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Heat exchanger fabrication with arrays of sensors and heaters with its micro-scale impingement cooling process analysis and measurements,

C.H. Shen, C. Gau, pp. 154-162.

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A micro Fabry-Perot sensor for nano-lateral displacement sensing with enhanced sensitivity and pressure resistance,

C.-J. Lin, F.-G. Tseng, pp 163-170

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Prototype of the high sensitive X-ray microcalorimeter for X-ray imaging,

H. Kudo, T. Nakamura, T. Arakawa, S. Ohtsuka, T. Izumi, S. Shoji, H. Sato, H. Kobayashi, K. Mori, T. Homma, T. Osaka, K. Mitsuda, N.Y.,

Yamasaki, R. Fujimoto, N. Iyomoto, T. Oshima, K. Futamoto, Y. Takei, T. Ichitsubo, T. Fujimori, Y. Ishisaki, U. Morita, T. Koga, K. Sato, 

T. Ohashi, Y. Kuroda, M. Onishi, K. Otake, F. Beppu, pp. 171-175

Abstract and full text


Polymeric micro-cantilever array for auditory front-end processing,

T. Xu, M. Bachman, F.-G. Zeng, G.-P. Li, pp.176-182

Abstract and full text


High-resolution imaging of elastic properties using harmonic cantilevers,

O. Sahin, G. Yaralioglu, R. Grow, S.F. Zappe, A. Atalar, C. Quate, O. Solgaard, pp.183-190

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Characterization of fluidic microassembly for immobilization and positioning of Drosophila embryos in 2-D arrays,

R.W. Bernstein, X. Zhang, S. Zappe, M. Fish, M. Scott, O. Solgaard, pp.191-196

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Micromachined silicon force sensor based on diffractive optical encoders for characterization of microinjection,

X.J. Zhang, S. Zappe, R.W. Bernstein, O. Sahin, C.-C. Chen, M. Fish, M.P. Scott, O. Solgaard, pp.197-203

Abstract and full text


Package embedded heat exchanger for stacked multi-chip module
H. Lee, Y. Jeong, J. Shin, J. Baek, M. Kang, K. Chun, pp. 204-211
Abstract and full text

The temperature compensation of a thermal flow sensor by changing the slope and the ratio of resistances,
T. Nam, S. Kim, S. Park, pp. 212-218
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Optical confinement and colour separation in a double colour laser scanned photodiode (D/CLSP),
M. Vieira, M. Fernandes, P. Louro, A. Fantoni, I. Rodrigues, pp. 219-223
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Development of micro-fluxgate sensors with electroplated magnetic cores for electronic compass,
H.-S. Park, J.-S. Hwang, W.-Y. Choi, D.-S. Shim, K.-W. Na, S.-O. Choi, pp. 224-229
Abstract and full text

Improvement of an infrared light sensitivity in PZT photosensitive field emitter,
D. Takamuro, H. Takao, K. Sawada, M. Ishida, pp.230-235
Abstarct and Full text

Robust SOI process without footing and its application to ultra high-performance microgyroscopes,
J. Kim, S. Park, D. Kwak, H. Ko, W. Carr, J. Buss, D.-i.D. Cho, pp. 236-243
Abstract and full text

Low frequency wireless powering of microsystems using piezoelectric-magnetostrictive laminate composites,
A. Bayrashev, W.P. Robbins, B. Ziaie, pp. 244-249
Abstract and full text

A micro pitch and roll motion sensor,
J. Kim, L. Lin, pp. 250-259
Abstract and full text

Design and fabrication of thermal actuators used for a micro-optical bench: application to a tunable Fabry-Perot filter,
E. Pichonat-Gallois, V. Petrini, M. de Labachelerie, pp. 260-266
Abstract and full text

Microneedle array for transdermal biological fluid extraction and in situ analysis,
E.V. Mukerjee, S.D. Collins, R.R. Isseroff, R.L. Smith, pp. 267-275
Abstract and full text

In-plane single-crystal-silicon microneedles for minimally invasive microfluid systems,
S.-J. Paik, S. Byun, J.-M. Lim, Y. Park, A. Lee, S. Chung, J. Chang, K. Chun, D.' Cho, pp.276-284
Abstarct and full text

Development of three-dimensional electrostatic stages for scanning probe microscope,
Y. Ando, pp.285-291
Abstract and full text

Fundamental studies on micro-droplet movement by Marangoni and capillary effects
Y.-T. Tseng, F.-G. Tseng, Y.-F. Chen, C.-C. Chieng, pp.292-301
Abstract and full text

Towards the integration of textile sensors in a wireless monitoring suit,
M. Catrysse, R. Puers, C. Hertleer, L. Van Langenhove, H. van Egmond, D. Matthys, pp.302-311
Abstract and full text

Measurement of flow direction and velocity using a micromachined flow sensor,
S. Kim, T. Nam, S. Park, pp. 312-318
Abstract and full text

Theoretical modeling and experimental investigation of MIS radiation sensor with giant internal signal amplification,
A. Malik, V. Grimalsky, A.T. Jacome, D. Durini, pp.319-326
Abstract and full text

Fabrication of sharp knife-edged micro probe card combined with shadow mask deposition,
Y. Cho, T. Kuki, Y. Fukuta, H. Fujita, B. Kim, pp.327-331
Abstract and full text

Anodic bonding for monolithically integrated MEMS,
K. Schjolberg-Henriksen, G.U. Jensen, A. Hanneborg, H. Jakobsen, pp.332-339
Abstract and full text

Microwave bonding of polymer-based substrates for potential encapsulated micro/nanofluidic device fabrication,
K.F. Lei, S. Ahsan, N. Budraa, W.J. Li, J.D. Mai, pp.340-346
Abstract and full text

Soft printing of droplets pre-metered by electrowetting,

U.-C. Yi, C.-J. Kim, pp. 347-354
Abstract and full text

Stable thin film encapsulation of acceleration sensors using polycrystalline silicon as sacrificial and encapsulation layer,
A. Hochst, R. Scheuerer, H. Stahl, F. Fischer, L. Metzger, R. Reichenbach, F. Larmer, S. Kronmuller, S. Watcham,

C. Rusu, A. Witvrouw, R. Gunn, pp. 355-361
Abstract and full text

Micromachined CMOS thermoelectric generators as on-chip power supply,
M. Strasser, R. Aigner, C. Lauterbach, T.F. Sturm, M. Franosch, G. Wachutka, pp.362-370
Abstract and full text

Electrostatic actuated micro gripper using an amplification mechanism,
O. Millet, P. Bernardoni, S. Regnier, P. Bidaud, E. Tsitsiris, D. Collard, L. Buchaillot, pp.371-378
Abstract and full text

Electrostatic inchworm microsystem with long range translation,
M.V. Shutov, D.L. Howard, E.E. Sandoz, J.M. Sirota, R.L. Smith, S.D.Collins, pp.379-386
Abstract and full text

Thermal design modifications to improve firing frequency of back shooting inkjet printhead,
S.J. Shin, K. Kuk, J.W. Shin, C.S. Lee, Y.S. Oh, S.O. Park, pp. 387-391
Abstract and full text

A novel back-shooting inkjet printhead using trench-filling and SOI wafer,
S.S. Baek, H.-T. Lim, H. Song, Y.-S. Kim, K.-D. Bae, C.-H. Cho, C.-S. Lee, J.-W. Shin, S.-J. Shin, K. Kuk, Y.-S. Oh, pp.392-397
Abstract and full text

Fabrication and characterization of diamond AFM probe integrated with PZT thin film sensor and actuator,
T. Shibata, K. Unno, E. Makino, S. Shimada, pp.398-405
Abstract and full text

Micro ICPF actuators for aqueous sensing and manipulation, 
W. Zhou, W.J. Li, pp.406-412
Abstract and full text

Advanced, vibration-resistant, comb-drive actuators for use in a tunable laser source
J.D. Grade, K.Y. Yasumura, H. Jerman, pp.413-422
Abstract and full text

Single-crystalline silicon micromirrors actuated by self-aligned vertical electrostatic combdrives with piston-motion and rotation capability,
D. Lee, U. Krishnamoorthy, K. Yu, O. Solgaard, pp.423-428
Abstract and full text

Integrated MEMS optical flying head with lens positioning actuator for small form factor optical data storage,
S.-H. Kim, Y. Yee, J. Choi, H. Kwon, M.-H. Ha, C. Oh, J.U. Bu, pp.429-437
Abstract and full text

A disposable, dead volume-free and leak-free in-plane PDMS microvalve,
J.S. Go, S. Shoji, pp.438-444
Abstract and full text

A novel actuation mechanism on the basis of ferromagnetic SMA thin films,
M. Kohl, D. Brugger, M. Ohtsuka, T. Takagi, pp.445-450
Abstract and full text

Simulation and realization of a novel micromechanical bi-stable switch,
M. Freudenreich, U. Mescheder, G. Somogyi, pp.451-459
Abstract and full text

Fluid-structure coupling analysis and simulation of a micromachined piezo microjet,
C. Liu, T. Cui, Z. Zhou, K. Lian, J. Goettert, pp.460-465
Abstract and full text

Experimental study of micromachined electrostatic torsion actuators with full travel range,
Z. Xiao, K.R. Farmer, pp.466-472
Abstract and full text

Electrowetting-based pico-liter liquid actuation in a glass-tube microinjector,
K. Hoshino, S. Triteyaprasert, K. Matsumoto, I. Shimoyama, pp.473-477
Abstract and full text

Fabrication of a fluid encapsulated dermal patch using multilayered SU-8,
A.P. Gadre, A.J. Nijdam, J.A. Garra, A.H. Monica, M.C. Cheng, C. Luo, Y.N. Srivastava, T.W. Schneider, T.J. Long, R.C. White, M. Paranjape, J.F. Currie, pp.478-485
Abstract and full text

Tether- and post-enabled flip-chip assembly for manufacturable RF-MEMS,
F.F. Faheem, Y.C. Lee, pp.486-495
Abstract and full text

Fabrication of miniaturized bi-convex quartz crystal microbalance using reactive ion etching and melting photoresist,
L. Li, T. Abe, M. Esashi, pp.496-500
Abstract and full text

Lithographic approach to pattern multiple nanoparticle thin films prepared by layer-by-layer self-assembly for microsystems,
T. Cui, F. Hua, Y. Lvov, pp. 501-504
Abstract and full text

High-energy ion implantation: an alternative technology for micromachining three-dimensional GaAs structures,
J. Miao, H.L. Hartnagel, pp. 505-509
Abstract and full text

Silicon anisotropic etching without attacking aluminum with Si and oxidizing agent dissolved in TMAH solution,
N. Fujitsuka, K. Hamaguchi, H. Funabashi, E. Kawasaki, T. Fukada, pp. 510-515
Abstract and full text

Fast etching of silicon with a smooth surface in high temperature ranges near the boiling point of KOH solution,
H. Tanaka, S. Yamashita, Y. Abe, M. Shikida, K. Sato, pp.516-520
Abstract and full text

Fabrication of nanofluidic devices using glass-to-glass anodic bonding,
V.G. Kutchoukov, F. Laugere, W. van der Vlist, L. Pakula, Y. Garini, A. Bossche, pp. 521-527
Abstract and full text

Fabrication method for elastomer spatial light modulators for short wavelength maskless lithography,
J.-S. Wang, I.W. Jung, O. Solgaard, pp.528-535
Abstract and full text

Basic characteristics of an electrochemical etching of Ni-Fe containing corrosion resistant alloys,
T. Mineta, pp. 536-542
Abstract and full text

Bonding properties of metals anodically bonded to glass,
D. Briand, P. Weber, N. F. de Rooij, pp. 543-549
Abstract and full text

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