ISSN : 0924-4247  Vol./Iss.: 115, 2-3



Date : 21-Sep-2004


A new algorithm for large surfaces profiling by fringe projection
Pages 178-184
S. Pavageau, R. Dallier, N. Servagent and T. Bosch

Pyroelectric current spectroscopy: example of application on Nb doped Pb(Zr0.92Ti0.08)O3 ceramics for infrared detection 
Pages 185-190
L. Pintilie, M. Pereira, M. J. M. Gomes and I. Boerasu

A non-pixel image reader for continuous image detection based on tandem heterostructures 
Pages 191-195
M. Vieira, M. Fernandes, A. Fantoni and P. Louro

Gamm-Radiation sensing properties of cerium oxide based thick film structures 
Pages 196-201
K. Arshak and O. Korostynska


Practical consideration of shear strain correction factor and Rayleigh damping in models of piezoelectric transducers 
Pages 202-208
J. L. Pons, H. Rodríguez, E. Rocon, J. F. Fernández and M. Villegas


Monitoring macro- and microemulsions using physical chemosensors
Pages 209-214
B. Jakoby, A. Ecker and M. J. Vellekoop


Comparison between bulk micromachined and CMOS X-ray detectors
Pages 215-220
J. G. Rocha, C. G. J. Schabmueller, N. F. Ramos, S. Lanceros-Mendez, M. V. Moreira, A. G. R. Evans, R. F. Wolffenbuttel and J. H. Correia


An inductive power system with integrated bi-directional data-transmission
Pages 221-229
Michael Catrysse, Bart Hermans and Robert Puers


Physical characterisation of selective stress coupling for resonant pressure sensors
Pages 230-234
P. K. Kinnell, M. C. L. Ward and R. Craddock


Surface deformation by piezoelectric actuator: from Park and Agrawal models to a simplified model formulation
Pages 235-244
A. Oliveira, P. Sousa and P. J. Costa Branco


Nanoliter detectors for flow systems
Pages 245-251
Sylwester Bargiel, Anna Górecka-Drzazga, Jan A. Dziuban, Piotr Prokaryn, Micha Chudy, Artur Dybko and Zbigniew Brzózka


A comparison of micro-switch analytic, finite element, and experimental results
Pages 252-258
R. A. Coutu, Jr. , P. E. Kladitis, L. A. Starman and J. R. Reid


Design, fabrication, and analysis of a spin-valve based current sensor
Pages 259-266
C. Reig, D. Ramírez, F. Silva, J. Bernardo and P. Freitas


A novel multipoint luminescent coated ultra violet fibre sensor utilising artificial neural network pattern recognition techniques  
Pages 267-272
W. B. Lyons, C. Fitzpatrick, C. Flanagan and E. Lewis


Improvement of a CMOS dual photosensor for laser distance measurement by a floating PN junction
Pages 273-279
P. Zivojinovic, M. Lescure and H. Tap-Béteille

Micromechanical electrostatic field sensor for the characterization of charges in MEMS devices
Pages 280-285
Marian Hanf and Wolfram Dötzel


PCB technology used in fluxgate sensor construction
Pages 286-292
A. Tipek, P. Ripka, Terence O’Donnell and J. Kubik

A multipoint optical fibre sensor system for use in process water systems based on artificial neural network pattern recognition techniques
Pages 293-302
D. King, W. B. Lyons, C. Flanagan and E. Lewis


A novel parallel-field hall sensor with low offset and temperature drift based 2D integrated magnetometer
Pages 303-307
Ch. S. Roumenin, D. Nikolov and A. Ivanov


A model of metal film resistance bolometers based on the electro-thermal feedback effect
Pages 308-317
Franz Kohl, Franz Keplinger, Artur Jachimowicz and Johannes Schalko

Portable gas chromatograph with integrated components
Pages 318-330
J. A. Dziuban, J. Mróz, M. Szczygielska, M. Maachowski, A. Górecka-Drzazga, R. Walczak, W. Bua, D. Zalewski, L. Nieradko, J. Lysko et al.


Sensor element for a metal–insulator–semiconductor camera system (MISCam)
Pages 331-335
R. Schwarz, M. Fernandes, J. Martins, A. Fantoni, M. Vieira, P. Sanguino, C. N. Carvalho and T. Muschik


Symmetrical and decoupled nickel microgyroscope on insulating substrate
Pages 336-350
Said Emre Alper and Tayfun Akin

Compensation of temperature effects on the pull-in voltage of microstructures
Pages 351-356
L. A. Rocha, E. Cretu and R. F. Wolffenbuttel


Novel structure for large area image sensing
Pages 357-361
M. Fernandes, M. Vieira and R. Martins


An array of Fabry-Perot optical-channels for biological fluids analysis
Pages 362-367
G. Minas, J. C. Ribeiro, J. S. Martins, R. F. Wolffenbuttel and J. H. Correia


Analysis of magnetoimpedance measurements at high frequency using a microstrip transmission line
Pages 368-375
D. de Cos, A. García-Arribas and J. M. Barandiarán


A wireless RF CMOS mixed-signal interface for soil moisture measurements
Pages 376-384
Raul Morais, A. Valente, C. Couto and J. H. Correia


A micro-machined acoustic sensor array for fuel level indication
Pages 385-391
R. Osborne, M. Ward and K. Dawkins

Dynamic simulation of a resonant MEMS magnetometer in Simulink
Pages 392-400
Zaki Izham and Michael C. L. Ward


Design and fabrication of thick-film PZT-metallic triple beam resonators
Pages 401-407
T. Yan, B. E. Jones, R. T. Rakowski, M. J. Tudor, S. P. Beeby and N. M. White


Modeling and fabrication of a MEMS magnetostatic magnetic sensor
Pages 408-416
D. Ciudad, C. Aroca, M. C. Sánchez, E. Lopez and P. Sánchez


Thermal characterisation of a direction dependent flow sensor
Pages 417-423
P. Fürjes, G. Légrádi, Cs. Dücs, A. Aszódi and I. Bársony

Using a reflection-based optical fibre system and Neural Networks to evaluate the quality of food in a large-scale industrial oven
Pages 424-433
M. O’Farrell, E. Lewis, C. Flanagan, W. B. Lyons and N. Jackman


Modeling, simulation and testing of a silicon soil moisture sensor based on the dual-probe heat-pulse method 
Pages 434-439
A. Valente, R. Morais, C. Couto and J. H. Correia
AFM thermal imaging as an optimization tool for a bulk micromachined thermopile
Pages 440-446
L. Fonseca, F. Pérez-Murano, C. Calaza, R. Rubio,J. Santander, E. Figueras, I. Grŕcia, C. Cané, M. Moreno and S. Marco
A micro optical force sensor for force feedback during minimally invasive robotic surgery
Pages 447-455
Jan Peirs, Joeri Clijnen, Dominiek Reynaerts, Hendrik Van Brussel, Paul Herijgers, Brecht Corteville and Sarah Boone
Numerical calculation of SAW sensitivity: application to ZnO/LiTaO3 transducers
Pages 456-461
David A. Powell, Kourosh Kalantar-zadeh and Wojtek Wlodarski
Voltage measurement based on the electrostrictive effect with simultaneous temperature measurement using a 3 × 3 fiber-optic coupler and low coherence interferometric interrogation
Pages 462-469
M. C. Tomic, J. M. Elazar and Z. V. Djinovic
IBIS Bus: towards a distributed architecture for MEMS integration
Pages 470-475
B. Lorente, J. Oliver and C. Ferrer
A new masking technology for deep glass etching and its microfluidic application
Pages 476-482
Minqiang Bu, Tracy Melvin, Graham J. Ensell, James S. Wilkinson and Alan G. R. Evans
Development and characterization of membranes actuated by a PZT thin film for MEMS applications
Pages 483-489
C. Zinck, D. Pinceau, E. Defa˙, E. Delevoye and D. Barbier
Saturation magnetostriction of Fe72.5−xCoxSi12.5B15 glass covered amorphous wires
Pages 490-493
M. Neagu, H. Chiriac and C. Hison
Novel test structures for stress diagnosis in micromechanics
Pages 494-500
A. Bagolini, B. Margesin, A. Faes, G. Turco and F. Giacomozzi
Piezoelectric properties and residual stress of sputtered AlN thin films for MEMS applications
Pages 501-507
E. Iborra, J. Olivares, M. Clement, L. Vergara, A. Sanz-Hervás and J. Sangrador
Pressure barrier of capillary stop valves in micro sample separators
Pages 508-515
Tzong-Shyng Leu and Pei-Yu Chang
Dynamics of CMOS-based thermally actuated cantilever arrays for force microscopy
Pages 516-522
T. Volden, M. Zimmermann, D. Lange, O. Brand and H. Baltes
MEMS electrostatic micropower generator for low frequency operation
Pages 523-529
P. D. Mitcheson, P. Miao, B. H. Stark, E. M. Yeatman, A. S. Holmes and T. C. Green
Design and modeling for comb drive actuator with enlarged static displacement
Pages 530-539
Chihchung Chen and Chengkuo Lee
Yarn parameterization based on mass analysis  
Pages 540-548
Vítor Carvalho, José G. Pinto, Joăo L. Monteiro, Rosa M. Vasconcelos and Filomena O. Soares
Etch rates and morphology of silicon (h k l) surfaces etched in KOH and KOH saturated with isopropanol solutions
Pages 549-556
I. Zubel and M. Kramkowska
Metal patterning on high topography surface for 3D RF devices fabrication
Nga P. Pham, E. Boellaard, W. Wien, L. D. M. van den Brekel, J. N. Burghartz and P. M. Sarro
A novel ultra-violet assisted anisotropic etching of plastic to realize micro-gears
Pages 563-570
B. Sadeghi-Makki, M. R. Ghafouri-Fard, S. Mohajerzadeh, T. Maleki, S. Mohammadi, M. Miri and E. Asl Soleimani
Integration of microfluidic and microoptical elements using a single-mask photolithographic step
Pages 571-580
A. R. Leeds, E. R. Van Keuren, M. E. Durst, T. W. Schneider, J. F. Currie and M. Paranjape
Design and fabrication of epitaxial silicon micromirror devices
Chengkuo Lee
Fabrication of miniaturized fluidic devices using SU-8 based lithography and low temperature wafer bonding
Pages 591-599
P. Svasek, E. Svasek, B. Lendl and M. Vellekoop
Microfabrication of gold wires for atom guides  
Pages 600-607
E. Koukharenko, Z. Moktadir, M. Kraft, M. E. Abdelsalam, D. M. Bagnall, C. Vale, M. P. A. Jones and E. A. Hinds
HI–PS technique for MEMS fabrication  
Pages 608-616
M. O. S. Dantas, E. Galeazzo, H. E. M. Peres, F. J. Ramirez-Fernandez and A. Errachid
Highly reliable O-ring packaging concept for MEMS pressure sensors
Pages 617-627
C. Pedersen, S. T. Jespersen, K. W. Jacobsen, J. P.Krog, C. Christensen and E. V. Thomsen





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